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Unified Mind – Weatherman. Gracious offerings of reggae pop punk with hints of authentic late nineties emo serve as a fitting canvas for Unified Mind’s honorably intended, yet relatably irreverent lyrics of love, life and sacrifice. Tyler Giddens – Founder/producer/instrumentalist/vocals Mario DeMoura – Founder/Lyricist /Vocals Giz Forte – Bass Travis Schmeider – Drums Check out the Unified Mind live stream this Saturday, 8pm EST Continue reading Weatherman.

Local Luv: Spred the Dub

“…their sound is an eclectic mash up of grooves and riddems incorporating elements of reggae, jazz, funk, soul and good old rock n’ roll which reflects the cultural melting pot that is their home.” ~The Miami Herald Truly, these guys are amazing. I’m just realizing what a lack of local luv I’ve been showing. Shame on me. I’ll get it together, I will… Spred the … Continue reading Local Luv: Spred the Dub