Love Life

Sean Michael Daley of 'Atmosphere'

Atmosphere – ‘Love Life’

Now, how many times must you prove you’re an angel

How many more demons do you have to strangle

How much longer must you remain in this dream

Before I finally figure out if you’re insane or a genius

The signature sound of  Atmosphere is a momentarily paralyzing, in perfectly structured, ‘individually wrapped’ musical packages with potent lyrics expressed through a powerful mix of precise timing, commanding composition and discernible delivery.

Photo Copyright: John Brunner


‘Ant’ – Atmosphere

‘Slug’ and ‘Ant’ of Atmosphere

‘Slug’ of Amosphere

‘Love Life’ had me in tears within 40 seconds the first time I heard it.  The awe-inspiring rapidly ruthlesss and radically empowering lyrics of Atmosphere ignited a completely unexpected cry of contentment.  
There were no emotional extremes playing a catalyst in the background, though I do have a readily available daily assortment of choices in cheerful, phobic, panicked or lonely.
It was the strength in severity and sincerity within the lyrics and delivery of this impactful Little Ditty just hit that magic musical place, that I suspect lies within the solar plexus.  
An overwhelming appreciation was felt for this string of immaculately formed citings, simultaneously sewing the threads of life’s unavoidable tragedies through its unexpected joys.

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Wondering what the solar plexus really refers to? 

The solar plexus chakra, the energetic vortex of dynamism and willpower (its animal association is the ram), is charged with assisting one in comprehending his or her emotional life, accepting one’s unique place in the life stream, clarifying the dynamics of ego, self-esteem and self-love.

On a psycho-spiritual level, this chakra is deeply involved in the mechanics of: self-sufficiency, self-image, personal power, issues of responsibility, sense of security and safety. Dysfunction of the third chakra manifests, in part, as an inability to fully acquire and adequately sustain personal power.Only when it is open and balanced can one have a deeply fulfilling emotional life wherein one can be expansive, outgoing, and sociable, have a sense of belonging and fitting in and be able to experience the sweetness of being alive.

The solar plexus chakra is also a seat of intuitive functioning – the nucleus of our sense of subtle knowing, intent of being and gut instincts. Of course, having confidence in one’s gut instincts is largely dependent upon a sufficient level of self-esteem. Self-confidence underlies effective decision-making and crisis management and the ability to take reasonable risks and so healthy operations within this chakra are crucial for the elaboration of leadership qualities and adventurousness.

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Going back to my buyer’s remorse piece, I’d like to speak a bit on the issue of regret. Furthermore, what I’m really interested in discussing is a few psychological factors that I think can help us avoid this feeling, specifically for those who simply aren’t attracted to their home any longer. … 

Fair Marquit Value: Don’t Regret Anything: At One Point, It Was Exactly What You Wanted Cancer ‘The Crab’ Horoscope for February 1, 2012

Daily Cancer Horoscope
Wednesday, Feb 1, 2012Cancer

Although it feels as if someone is pressuring you to accept more responsibilities now, you’re willing to say yes if you think your involvement will help.

However, don’t overlook your own needs just so you can take care of others.

Consider what makes the most sense for you, too. You won’t have anything left over to give if you exhaust yourself emotionally, so establish healthy boundaries before contributing to the group process.

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Just Like a Wavin Flag

They’ll call me freedom

Just like a Wavin’ Flag

Keinan Warsame

Keinan Warsame

 Waving Flag’
Troubadour LP

Songwriters: Jean Deval; Phillip Lawrence; Bruno Mars; Keinan Warsame

“Out of the darkness,

I came the farthest

Among the hardest survival

Learn from these streets,

it can be bleak

Accept no defeat,

surrender, retreat”

I’m Not Playing With You

FUGAZI – ‘Blueprint’


(Fall 1987 – present)

Ian MacKaye – vocals, guitar
Guy Picciotto – vocals, guitar
Joe Lally – bass
Brendan Canty – drums

To all of those who have so graciously tuned in to the Gulkin Gazette this fine day, I’ve reserved for you a particularly significant, and superbly fitting spiffy Little Dittie!

This song says it all.. And what ‘it all’ is.. is soon to follow 🙂

-Alexandra E. Gulkin

Yep, that’s right, name in full. 

(It’s a Special Occassion)

A Gazette Gift via Lifefacker Author Adam Dachis, ‘How Self-Control…

How Self-Control Works, and How to Boost Your Willpower by Better Understanding It

How Self-Control Works, and How to Boost Your Willpower by Better Understanding It

Adam Dachis — If we were entirely logical, we’d be able to abandon our bad habits, curb temporary moments of insanity, and practice self-control. Our logic is paired with emotion, however, and sometimes our emotions motivate us to make poor decisions. That’s where self-control comes in. Here’s a deeper look into how self-control works, followed by several ways to more effectively exert your supply of self-control in order to make smarter decisions.

How Self-Control Works

Back when basic survival was difficult, practicing the kind of self-control we need today wasn’t always necessary. We’d have to hunt for our food if we wanted to eat, and we’d eat what we could find in order to live. Eventually we figured out that this isn’t the most efficient way to work and invented one of the biggest life hacks of all time: agriculture. Suddenly there was food when we needed it, and what was once a constant fight for survival became (relatively) simple. Readily-available food made it possible for a surplus of certain foods which made it possible to overeat. It took a long time for this to become a serious problem, but today we face a problem of excess consumption. Shifts such as this helped create a serious need for self-control in new aspects of our lives.

How Self-Control Works, and How to Boost Your Willpower by Better Understanding ItOf course we needed to learn to control ourselves before this point, as sex, wealth, and power are inherent desires, but the primary manifestations of these desires lead to immediate consequences. For example, if you go out and kill somebody to steal their property, you’re likely going to make an enemy who will want to kill you (and potentially succeed in doing so). On the other hand, more contemporary desires don’t have such immediate consequences (like being murdered), and so there isn’t necessarily anything scary to keep us in check. For example, computers and other personal technology made all kinds of work much easier, but their side effects include tech addiction, shortened lifespans from too much sitting, and even a few pesky etiquette issues. As technology continues to satisfy our desires—for anything from food to information—we have to practice self-control in new and different ways. The problem is, this isn’t easy to do.

How Self-Control Works, and How to Boost Your Willpower by Better Understanding ItSo why is self control so difficult to produce? A lot of things contribute to self-control issues, and we’ll get into them more below, but the main reason is that indulgence is much easier than the alternative. If you want to eat healthier, a meal you cook yourself and can control is often going to be the better option. That option requires work, however, and it’s easier to make a phone call to order takeout. Is this the smarter option? Probably not, but the short-term effect of fatty takeout is the temporary satisfaction of enjoying your meal—potentially the same effect as cooking—and so the long-term effects of frequent indulgence is easy to ignore. We are terrible at predicting the future, and we like to make decisions that will make us feel good right now because that result is more urgent. If you don’t enjoy doing something (like cooking), making yourself exert the energy required to cook is a lot harder and much more unpleasant than doing nothing. But this is obvious if you’ve ever tried to make yourself do something you didn’t want to do. The primary problem is stopping yourself from making a bad decision based on immediate desire and also motivating yourself to make the smarter choice. It isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible.

Practice, Practice, Practice

How Self-Control Works, and How to Boost Your Willpower by Better Understanding ItThe simplest way to get better at anything is to practice. As a weekly exercise, pick something you do in excess and stop for a week. Stop watching television, don’t eat out, or keep technology out of the bedroom so you can sleep better. While a week isn’t going to kick any particular habit, it’s pretty easy to stop anything for such a short period of time and making it through the week will give you the confidence that you can control yourself. After you’ve practiced for several weeks, try for longer. If you can make it a month, that’s often enough time to actually change your behavior (which is where the name of the movie 28 Days comes from). Googler Matt Cutts suggests that you can more easily improve your life 30 days at a time. It’s not a new concept but it can be a big help. Tell yourself you’re going try to cut out a particular behavior for a month and reassess once that month is over. Knowing you don’t have to stop can make a big difference, and by the time you get to the end of that month you may not care to go back at all.

Find Adequate Distractions

As we’ve learned from the fairly well-known kid’s marshmallow experiment, conducted by Walter Mischel, distracting yourself can be a good method of self-control. When temptation is in front of you, it’s hard to say no. If you can distract yourself and avoid thinking about that temptation, however, it’s often enough to keep you from making a bad choice. Simple distractions, such as sitting on your hands to physically restrict yourself or having a conversation to keep your mind occupied are both easy and effective. The idea is that the more your mind and body are tied up in other actions, the less bandwidth you’ll have available to try and indulge in a particular vice. Simply put: restrict and distract yourself to avoid making poor choices.

Take Care of Yourself

How Self-Control Works, and How to Boost Your Willpower by Better Understanding It
Photo by Lisa Aslund

You have a limited supply of self-control and exhausting it can breed aggression. You don’t want to deplete your reserves or you’re going to become very unlikable. Keeping yourself healthy on a daily basis, however, can make a big difference. Like with anything, proper diet, exercise, and sleep make it easier to do what you need to do. If you can manage all of those things to the point of perfection, you’re probably not reading this article. A more realistic trick is just having a snack. Keeping yourself nourished throughout the day—preferably with several smaller meals rather than a few big ones—is one of the easiest ways to keep an adequate reserve of self-control. You’ll still have to exert that control—perhaps when choosing what to eat—but it’s a fool’s errand without adequate energy.

Fabricate Disadvantage

It’s hard to become addicted to cigarettes if you can’t get cigarettes. People without the financial means to purchase a vice like cigarettes can’t participate in that vice. Additionally, people will more readily participate in a vice like smoking if the consequences are far off. If a single cigarette will kill you on the spot, and you know this, you’ll avoid it like you’ll avoid an electric fence. Putting yourself into extreme poverty or giving yourself a deadly nicotine allergy (if that’s even possible) are extreme measures you’d never actually want to pursue as a means to quit smoking. Still, they do offer some helpful clues: difficulty and fear.

If you have difficulty obtaining a cigarette, you don’t have to exert quite so much self-control. Often times this means keeping your cigarettes somewhere that’s hard to access so getting them requires additional effort. Basically, if exercising a vice is significantly easier than practicing self-control, you need to find ways to make it harder to make the wrong choice.

Introduce Fear

How Self-Control Works, and How to Boost Your Willpower by Better Understanding ItFear is also a great means of self-control. It’s easier to adjust your diet or kick a habit if you truly believe it’s going to kill you or cause immediate harm. If you have a peanut allergy, you don’t eat peanuts, no matter how badly you want to, because you know the immediate consequences are pretty dire. In order to use fear as a self-control mechanism, you need to be able to make the consequences of a particular action feel immediate. For example, I have no trouble controlling my intake of alcohol and I don’t have an interest in drugs because my family has a history of addiction. I’ve seen what it can do first-hand. Before I decide to drink or even take an over-the-counter drug I remember the consequences and it helps me avoid making bad choices. How you make the consequences feel immediate and influence your decisions is highly personal, but it should always be safe. You can eat donuts until you vomit so you’ll never want to go near another donut again, but that’s not really a harmless solution. What you can do is spend time with people who are the poster children for poor life choices and fearfully think of them next time you want to indulge.

(If you’re curious about the science behind fear being an effective method for self-control, read this article.)

Practicing self-control isn’t easy for anybody. It takes a lot of work, and you’ll get better at it the more you practice. With the right strategies, like the ones mentioned here, you can avoid temptation when doing so is in your best interest. If you’ve got any other great strategies for controlling yourself, be sure to share them in the comments.

You can follow Adam Dachis, the author of this post, on Twitter and Facebook. If you’d like to contact him, Twitter is the most effective means of doing so.

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As Spring Appears on the Horizon Gate, The Gulkin Gazette Anticipates.

As a 2011 Spring Season Hovers, The Gulkin Gazette

Prepares With New Kicks and a Change of Color



Spring will be here before we know it, with the Spring Equinox ready to reach us on March 20, 2011. As I’ve been tied up with my text dealings, and expect to be for the remainder of this week, I wanted to be sure and remind Gazette readers just how much I appreciate your visits! I am about to embark on a new article assignment, and I thought sharing my witnessing of the current constellation controversy would be a great way to kick off this Monday!

*Speaking of KICKS*

These are my new ones and I Love Them!  🙂

The Ophiuchus Constellation presented a threat to the astrological identity so many enthusiasts have grown attached to. While not a zodiac fanatic, I much prefer the description of a Cancer to that of a Gemini. Astronomy expert, Parke Kunkle was interviewed by Star Tribune last week, causing controversy to break out among many lions, crabs, twins and scorpions.

Kunkle argued that the addition of Ophiuchus, the 13th sign of the zodiac in the year 2011 was not technically an addition to the Babylonian zodiac, but a re-admittance of a sign which was removed from the original zodiac. In the astronomy professor’s explanation, it is described that astrological signs have all become a month out of alignment. This misalignment is said to be a result of the precession of the Earth‘s axis, causing the earth to wobble and change the constellations that it will face in 2011 as a result. Ophiuchus is a dim constellation that lies on the edge of the Summer Milky Way, appearing as an outline of a long house lying low in the sky. This year during the later part of November and early December, this constellation will be representative of the earth’s location and a new zodiac sign to be born under for 2011 babies.

The uproar between astronomy experts and astrologists continued when Susan Miller, a well-known astrological expert, appeared on ABC News to put the “ridiculous” rumors to rest. As explained by Miller, the Babylonian zodiac removed the sign of Ophiuchus for a reason. She reassured those suffering from a panic of identity that no one’s sign has “changed.” The zodiac proposes that it is the constellation which the sun is in on your particular day of birth defines your astrological sign. This one fact is agreed upon by experts and analysts in both astronomy and astrology. With this fact in mind, Susan Miller reminds Americans that there is no possibility in anybody’s astrological sign changing as a result of the addition of a 13th sign to the zodiac in 2011. It remains to be defined whether or not Ophiuchus, “the serpent bearer,” is a sign that has come to stay or if it will quickly be removed from nationally published horoscopes.

Time will tell…


A Possible Cancer and/or Gemini




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The Deception of Mind


The Deception of Mind

I keep packing my bags

Chasing a life I will never know

Missing the things I never had

Getting weaker as I grow


Isn’t it funny,

The deception of mind?

Those memories falling

Into the small cracks of time


Lost in riddles and puzzles

And morphing design

Left to lie on blank spaces

In empty crossword lines


Isn’t is funny,

The subjection of time?

Those years lost to moments

Dissolved into wine


Aren’t you leaving,

Aren’t you gone,

Why must this ghost keep carrying on?


What is there that I wouldn’t give

What is there that I wouldn’t do,

To escape forever

This possession of you


Isn’t it funny,

The delusion of change?

I’ve been running for years

And still remain in this place


Naive in belief to be gaining ground

That strength will build as trials surmount


Self –deception is the most dangerous town

Those needs for mirage to keep the mind sound


Isn’t it funny,

The illusion of space?

In land and in homes

In the places we go


In the moving and chasing

In the running away

Just to wake the next morning

In the very same place


Aren’t you leaving,

Haven’t you gone?

Why must this ghost keep on carrying on?


What is there that I wouldn’t give

What is there that I wouldn’t do,

To escape forever

This possession of you


Alexandra E. Gulkin

Kahlil Gibran-On Self Knowledge

Say not, “I have found the truth,” but rather, “I have found a truth.”

“Your hearts know in silence the secrets of the days and the nights.
But your ears thirst for the sound of your heart’s knowledge.
You would know in words that which you have always known in thought…

Say not, “I have found the truth,” but rather, “I have found a truth.”
Say not, “I have found the path of the soul.” Say rather, “I have met the soul walking upon my path.”…

For the soul walks upon all paths.
The soul walks not upon a line, neither does it grow like a reed.
The soul unfolds itself, like a lotus of countless petals.”

Kahlil Gibran - The Prophet

Kahlil Gibran

Kahlil Gibran-On Self Knowledge

 An unforgettable passage from an unexpetedly life-changing literary work of ‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gibran (1923).  Here’s hoping you enjoy this little ditty of literature.

-Alex Press

Dusk Till Dawn Diary

Your prayers. They’re not fables.

Let the Little Ditties Begin!

The Gulkin Gazette Presents:

The Killers ‘My List’

             ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥

♥ ♥

♥ ♥

Dusk Till Dawn Diary

The KillersMy List


Mark August Stoermer

Brandon Flower

Dave Brent Keuning,

Jr. Vannucci

I need those eyes to tide me over
I’ll take your picture when I go

It gives me strength and gives me patience
But I’ll never let you know

I got nothing on you baby
But I always said I try

Let me show you how much I care
Cause sometimes it gets hard
And don’t she know

Don’t give the ghost up

just clench your fist
You should have known by now

you were on my list


The Killers

The Killers are definitely one of my all time top five.  The lyrics of this little ditty brought a few sappy tears to my eyes earlier. I’ve only recently discovered that as my life has moved along its path, I’ve always been able to find a disturbingly reliable state of contentment and sweet solace in the simplicity of loneliness… surrounded by self-fabricated walls of smoke, mirrors and illusions of self-defense.

There is no risk within loneliness, no investment that your heart has to trust someone else with.  I have spent twenty (something) years comforted by disarray, with the safety that I somehow skewed from isolation, the clutching power of self preservation.  In regard to love, I had it all figured out…

Until I stumbled upon true love for the first time, that is.  I know now that in regard to love, I didn’t know a single thing to be true.  My self-preservation imploded with the introduction of you.     (I’m so glad)

 ♥ ♥ ♥ 

♥ ♥

♥ ♥

♥ ♥