Dreams of Not Yet Wonderful Things

Dreams of Not Yet Wonderful Things These eyes have seen such splendid sights Have felt in these hands those glorious delights Of white daffodils growing six feet high Reaching for their northern lights   Endless warm days of brightened blue skies That shimmered the gold in mothers’ green eyes A gift of new life that would double the shine Of the moon as I knew … Continue reading Dreams of Not Yet Wonderful Things

Not Yet Wonderful Things

these bones do now promise

as they never have before

of this one thing unknown

they are most certainly quite sure

in all this mind’s been dreaming

in all that these eyes have proved

it is only a love of my understanding

that has shown the strongest truth

so if you should find me today

under this bright summered sky

or if it may be a world away

on a dimly lit cold winter night

if it should take forever

then forever it shall take

this heart will faithfully wait for you

As only for you was it made Continue reading Not Yet Wonderful Things