“I got a pretty bad case of cancer.”

Richie: Dad, you were never dying.

Royal: But I’m going to live. “

“Don’t confront me with my failures…I had not forgotten them.”

Jackson Browne – These Days

Composed at the age of 16, Jackson Browne performs an acoustic version of the sweet sorrow of song,”These Days.”

It serves as a sentimental little ditty considered to be a “classic of morose introspection.”

Eli: I’m not in love with you any more.

Margot: I didn’t know you ever were.

Eli: Let’s not make this any more difficult than it already is.

Margot: OK.

Eli: OK, what?

Margot: OK, I’m not in love with you either.

Eli: Yes, I know, you’re in love with Richie. Which is sick and gross.


Red Daisy Experimentings, Too!

Here’s an intriguingly soft cover of “These Days” by artist Niko. Wes Anderson soundtracks always have the perfect tune to represent bizarre and intricate complexity of human emotion. For the backdrop while Margot shows up late to pick up Rickie, nailed it with this tune.


Celebrating the Evo and Hero Inheritance!


The Smiths

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Released in 1992

Written by singer Morrissey and guitarist Johnny Marr

“And if a double-decker bus
crashes in to us
to die by your side
is such a heavenly way to die
and if a ten ton truck
kills the both of us
to die by your side
well the pleasure, the privilege is mine

Take me out tonight
take me anywhere, I don’t care
I don’t care, I don’t care
and in the darkened underpass
I thought Oh God, my chance has come at last
but then a strange fear gripped me
and I just couldn’t ask”



Finally, I’m starting to learn a little bit of HTC navigation.


Such Awesome Things That This Phone Does Bring!


I Love You, Boone !

.Ride or Die.

fist pumping it through the night !