Robert Altman’s 60s: Rock, Roll and Revolution – Courtesy of ArtVision Exhibitions



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Copyright: Robert Altman, courtesy ArtVision Exhibitions, LLC

Copyright: Robert Altman, courtesy ArtVision Exhibitions, LLC

Fueled by talented musicians, innovative artists and incredible writers, the tumultuous tides of the 60s in America challenged young souls to face the harsh reality of war, civil rights and extreme political change.

This extraordinary challenge inspired what could arguably be considered the most culturally significant and creatively unprecedented eras in history. Famous photographer Robert Altman was at the center of it all, determined to chronicle the life and times the Sixties inspired.

Robert Altman’s Rock, Roll & Remember Exhibition successfully captures the simultaneous cultural, social and sexual revolutions that embodied the Sixties in America. A generation built on the spirited, soulful sound of ’60s rock music, politically driven passions, the birth of active feminism and Abbie Hoffman‘s ‘yippies’.

Including iconic 1960s figures such as: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Tina Turner, Jerry Garcia, George Harrison, Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, Jim Morrison, Pete Townsend and Dennis Hopper, these rare, large format photographs, some measuring 8 feet high by 8 feet wide, were previously on view in Manhattan filling all 39 windows at Macy’s in Herald Square and on the grounds of the 1969 Woodstock Festival at The Museum at Bethel Woods.

Rock, Roll & Remember:
ArtVision Exhibitions Announces Rare Sale of Photographs by
Rolling Stone photographer Robert Altman

ArtVision Exhibitions in Boca Raton, FL., invites you to experience ‘A Revolution That Shaped a Generation’, with photographs and commentary by Robert Altman. The Rock, Roll & Remember Exhibit will continue through Wed., November 9, 2011.

The first 50 people to view the collection will receive a complimentary special exhibit poster, courtesy of ArtVision Exhibitions. Those who purchase one of Robert Altman’s photographs also receive a VIP invitation to an intimate cocktail reception with Robert Altman on November 10. Photographs may be purchased from 10 am to 4 pm, Mon – Fri; and 10 am to 7 pm Sat – Sun.

“My favorite image has to be Tina Turner’s legs taken in October 1969 at the Gold Rush Festival in Stockton, California” – Victoria Ann Rehberg, President of ArtVision Exhibitions, LLC in Boca Raton, FL


ArtVision Exhibitions, LLC
Building Audiences One Exhibit at a Time

125 North West 13th Street, Suite B-1, Boca Raton, FL 33432
Tel: (561) 883-2145

Alexandra E. Gulkin


What You Can Do for Your Country… Right Now!

Fight to Maintain Medical Research!

The US Congress is currently considering the passage of a bill, effective this fiscal year which will cut the research budget of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) by $1.3 billion in allocated funds. The irreversible damage and regression in medical and scientific advancement resulting from the passage of this bill will not only be felt by us and our families, but we will passing the destruction on to future generations.

An interesting example of another financial projection for this fiscal year is a projected $3.6 billion to be allocated to the Secure Border Initiative (SBI) government program. This $1.2 billion dollar increase from the previous fiscal year fund allocation has been designated to finance the construction of an additional 27 miles to the southwest border fence. This will be added to the presently 670 mile long stretch of fencing that sits on the border between the United States and Mexico.

This is the same “border” which has proven to be not only ineffective, but where US law is unrecognized and unenforced by our current administration. A President who publicly strongly supports a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants and refuses to enforce United Stated border law is choosing to increase the spending on a fence that he, himself has deemed unworthy of even his attention.

Does anybody else believe that these facts simply just do not add up?

This would not just be another inarguable senseless act of spending to add to the laundry list of the Obama Administration financial failures. If this bill passes, the ones who will pay the biggest price, both physically and psychology for this colossal lapse in judgment are the patients who are in need of medical attention. Patients who are in need of continued, not dismantled medical research.

The proposed bill to cut medical research funding by such financial extremes would be an ultimate travesty to the progress that’s been made in medicine and science. This halt to medical research would set back decades of uncovered neurological pathology and connection to the etymology of epilepsy, as well as an umbrella of chronic disease research and discovery.


If you support the maintaining of medical research funding, raise your voice!

Tell your Representative to uphold their investment in research at the NIH.


If you live in Palm Beach or Broward County, please contact Congressman Allen West to speak out against the passage of this bill!


Main headquarters of Congressman West:

140 North Federal Highway

Deerfield Beach, FL 33441


Direct number to Congressman West Main headquarters:

(561) 655-1943


Email Congressman West:

Link to Email Congressman Allen West


The ‘Other Side’ of Immigration – Watch two teenage girls hop the border fence in under two minutes!(


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Murkowski Prevails Against A Mindless Sarah Palin

Lisa Murkowski

Image via Wikipedia

A “Re-Press” From one of My Favorite Blogs

The hippie cahier

M-U-R-K-O-W-S-K-I: Do the Math!

“I have always been a big fan of good spelling. This is because it’s one of the few things I’m relatively good at.

However, I know there must be fine and valid arguments against this anti-democratic practice and in favor of accepting the misspelled ballots.” –The Hippie Cahier

This is an amusing entry with a fine tuned mathematical breakdown proposal for grading future ballots in America. The Hippie Cahier has a great writing style, entertaining and charismatic. It’s a blog you should check out, if you’re into checking things out.                 

Hot Off The Virtual Press 

Murkowski Gate 2010 and Sarah Palins Backfiring Blunder

… More Shameless Political Mockery Coming Soon!

The fact remains that Lisa Murkowski has rightfully secured the Senate seat for Alaska in the recent mid-term elections. Murkowski already had a a landslide lead of 1,700 more votes than the poor loser, Joe Miller. This was the lead she held even prior to the upset of the thousands of ballots sent in her favor.

However you slice it, by way of spelling or grammar or Palin pursuasine power, Joe Miller did succeed in one very unique and unforgettable way. This man created an undeniable art form of embarassment and shame, brushed with the paintrstrokes to deny truth in numbers and etchings of desperate attempts to somehow steal the Senate seat. Miller is not worried, nor is he embarassed, as he spoke candidly when he spoke with Neil Cavuto of Fox News on November 17th.

When it is ponted out to Miller that even in the unlikely event that he wins every mail in ballot of the State that a victory still could not be obtained, as he already trailed Murkowski by nearly 10,000 votes, Joe retorted with a denial of the numbers. His work of art begins. Miller insisted to Cavuto that his pre-meditated stradegy of demanding a recount and challenging the state of Alaska if the election did not result in his favor would be entirely selfless. He claimed that he was not cocerned with winning or losing the election, only that he was dedicated to ensure that the result was one of integrity and accuracy to ensure consistency in the voting process. The art form develops further… The masterpiece has only just begun.

*Click Here For Highlights of The Interview Between Neil Cavuto and Joe Miller*

Miller is determined to pursue his lawsuit filed last week against the state of Alaska to overturn Murkowski’s win for the Senate seat. Sarah Palin has already endorsed Joe Miller’s lawsuit on Twitter, her new favorite political soapbox.

Now, The Life Lesson I’ve Derived From Murkowski-Gate 2010


either improve your precision in grammatical correctness


Become a politician,

where there’s no spelling bee and it’s completely acceptable if you are a prize idiot.

If grammatical precision is a pre-requisite to vote in Alaska, how is it that Sarah Palin is an elected
official? For that matter, why would she even be permitted to vote after these few gem statements:

“All of ’em, any of ’em that have been in front of me over all these years.” -probably the greatest example of Palins complete lack on knowledge or credibility.

A woman who (at the time) is running for Vice President, unable to name a single newspaper or magazine she reads! The chick even racked her brain for a good ten to fifteen seconds before Katie Couric looked at her with an awesome distain and probed once more for the name of ANY newspaper. No such luck, Palin had nothing and just responded with that classic line once more.  She “reads ’em all.” That she “reads ’em all.”

one more…

“As for that VP talk all the time, I’ll tell you, I still can’t answer that question until somebody answers for me what is it exactly that the VP does every day?” — this Sarah Palin statement was made exactly 6 days before she was announced as Mccains running mate.

I mean really? REALLY?!?!?!?!  She must have really hit the books in those six days to research what exactly she was running for. There is no justification, she was a prize idiot from the very beginning.

last one, I promise…

“They are also building schools for the Afghan children so that there is hope and opportunity in our neighbouring country of Afghanistan.” Palins Geography skills showcased in a statement made in october of 2008.

Not that a statement like this would have surprised anybody by that time, as we’d already been informed that she could see Russia from her house.  🙂

——————————————————————————-> > >

Even prior to mid-term Alaskan election, Palin endorsed Joe Miller was getting help from both the Tea Pary Representatives and strong Palin supporters, fighting desperately (and admittedly dirty) with tactics to remove the imposing threat of Lisa Murkowski.  Before the mail in ballots were near being concluded in thier pre-demanded recount by the Miller Campaign, Murkowski made the following public statement, “For the good of the state of Alaska I am now conceding the race for the Republican nomination.”

*Three short hours later, Palin pulled her signature jumping of the gun by posting this tweet:

‘Do you believe in miracles? Congrats Joe W Miller!’

I, for one have to believe in miracles now Miss Palin, as without any trace of knowledge, tact, integrity or credibility you have managed to become a National Political Figure.

Once again opening her big fat mouth a bit too soon, Palin made one more fumble. In a historical write-in campain for Murkowski, she prevailed over Palin and Miller in the greatest and most effective way, defeating a Palin-backed nominee from her very own dear, sweet Russia bordering state of Alaska.

Lisa Murkowski secured her seat in the Senate with honor and integrity, while Palin appeared as a toddler stomping her feet and social networking a premature victory.

Once all is said and done in this continuing Alaskan Atrosity, Murkowski will be viewed as a woman of integrity and moral standard through the duration of the election, her succession and still remaining strong and honorable when the State determined she was without any doubt the Senate seat for the State Of Alaska with a dynamic victory. While Palin, the woman who exhausted every possible angle to defeat Murkowski has succeeded only in supplying the priceless material for another Satuday Night Live worthy skit inspired by her exponential idiocracy. For Lisa Murkowski, I am glad that true Justice was served.

That said…


In your face Sarah Palin

The Being of Plugged In

Alex Press Begins

The Being of Plugged In: Action Sequence, Begin.

    A Quick Message To The Masses

A message more precisely intended for the evolving entity of Big Brother, as I am well aware that you will be reading this, have you not already done so. mainly intended for you. I will admit, You have succeeded, to a certain acute degree, in the intimidation department. This was undeniable, as I found myself in an eventual state of complete fear, consumed with hesitation by the impending possibilities of danger within this rapidly evolving and intruding technology of yours.

I can put my computer on my phone and my phone on my computer. I have an application for applications and a plethora of technological options to avoid any human interaction whatsoever. Every individual who utilizes this virtual vortex is instantly inviting the monitoring of all in which they read, write, type, see, do, show interest in, seek information on, schedule, purchase or sell is… public.

I am well aware of the Orwellian presence in all of that each of us is to write, see, do, consider, or show interest in, is being recorded. That it is accessible, and ultimately, controlled.

While remaining certain that, in no way, does there exist in me a pure sentiment that this technological tyranny, that what appears to be convenience, is comparative in any way to privacy, safety, finances, or relationships…To Identity. I tend to think not.

I can say with absolute certainty, that I will always prefer to grab my post it with the grocery list, as opposed to the grocery list application which you’ve made available on my phone.

Yet, the hesitation and precaution of action as a result of the risk in allowing your life to be accessed and monitored, to be live on the virtual press… from here forth is left behind.

Once in the water, you cannot choose to not turn with the tide. Just as I cannot deny your presence, I will also not be intimidated by it. It makes the most sense, at this particular juncture, to simply embrace and explore this universal element which I cannot control. I refuse to be limited or hindered by it. And so it is…  

@gulkingazette … Twitter

Alex Press …  Facebook

GulkinGazette Twylah Fan Page

Ask America Van Assignment!


Santa Barbara's offshore drilling

Image by Way Out West News via Flickr


Stoked, Stoked, Stoked, I am!  Tomorrow, as an Associated Content Freelance Writer, I will be visiting the Ask America Van, part of the Yahoo! News social media friendly experiment to engage and inform Americans on Political Issues on an interactive platform.  The basis of Ask America is a website of layered information, where a literal spinning wheel of issues presents “tiles” of topics that act as onions to be peeled for information, with the capacity to be filtered both by State and Political Distinctions.  The innovative intelligence behind the Issues Wheel, of course, is that while you investigate the separate tiles of topics, every click made to further investigate ones original interest requires a yes or no answer to a clearly electorial based question of opinion.

The fashionable and intensely interactive display of rotating top contenders of concerning issues within the plethora of political catastrophes we face are presented for the user to investigate, while requiring your humble opinion at each turn.  What successfully occurs is the attainment of very helpful statistics for politicians to use in this and future campaign stradegy.  As the site simultaneously pulls information and statistics, with geographical insight no less, on hot button topics, it’s also providing a literal spinning wheel of information on the topic of your own choosing, pertinent to exactly who you are and where you live. Everyone wins, so to speak.  While I’m sure it’s not without it’s flaws and flops, the fundamental idea behind Ask America is an extraordinary machine.


Ask America Van


I’m quite excited to go and speak with other Floridians about the topics they are most concerned and invested in presently.  I’m not sure how I will successfully construct a 600 word piece that is up to my usual editing standards with less than a day to work with, but I’ll deal with that issue tomorrow evening and through the night until I have it submitted.  The pressure is on, and the adrenaline is surely flowing, as I fondly reminis my days of leading ‘Students For Wesley Clark‘ in the 2004 Primary Election in Texas and campaigning with GrassRoots in Los Angeles last year for the opposition of Proposition 8.  It’s been a little while since I’ve had some good old fashioned political involvement, true involvement, and as I stated earlier… I am stoked! 🙂

As for now, I’m off to read up on Alex Sink, Immigration and Offshore Drilling.  Happy Friday Everybody!  Hope you all have an awesome weekend.

Here are some “Highlight Reel” Links for Ask America, Yahoo! News, and other related topics.

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Columbia Journalism Review of Tiles, The Issues Wheel, and The Ask America Van (written by: Joel Meares)

Ask America Van Updates

Mike Byhoff, Yahoo! News Video Ninja

(*Brownie Points For This Guy Already* It’s very sweet that he says his one necessity on the road is the picture of his girlfriend!)

Sylvia Cochran touches on the vague and pliable definition of a recession.