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Your Photograph in a Jar

This handy and nifty infographic from JAF Gifts gives you a step by step guide on how to create an instant vintage-looking keepsake for your most treasured photographs! Forget about photo albums and frames…the Mason jar DIY project is bound to become a hit with family, friends, and guests once you place it in a prominent location in your home.

The Mason Photo Jar is a also great idea for rustic, country-style wedding centerpieces and other special occasions honoring a certain person or group of people. Simply pick out some favorite photographs (preferably in black and white or sepia) and a few mason jars (available at JAF Gifts). Make sure the pictures fit in the jars! When you’ve wrapped the picture (image side showing outside of the glass, of course) inside the jar, pour some vegetable oil (olive oil gives a nice, greenish tinge) until it covers the entire picture.This will ensure that the photograph is suspended in the oil without ruining it.

Place a dried flower stalk at the other side of the jar the picture does not cover. Cover the jar tightly with the lid, and place the jars strategically on shelves, book cases, bedside tables, and just about anywhere you want to look and smile at memories that have been given a creative, vintage-y boost!

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Bodacious Bauble Discovery from Bauble Bar!


Bodacious Bauble Discovery via Bauble Bar

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Go ahead, indulge in our exquisitely sweet treat. This bold statement bracelet comes crafted from a set of gorgeously faceted gems, all done in a juicy, seductive palette of candy colors.


This special piece is being made just for you! The collection begins shipping 11/15/11 – 12/1/11 on a first come, first served basis.  Your order will appear “On Hold” until it ships, at which point you will receive a confirmation email and tracking number.  Any other items in your order will ship immediately.

  • Push Clasp

  • Materials: Glass, Gold-Plated Brass

  • Length: 7″, Width (at widest): 2″, Width (at narrowest): 0.875″, Height (highest point): 0.75″


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The Norwegian Emerald and Diamond ParureNeo Classical Jewelry History: Rad Blog!
A Gift from Napoleon Bonaparte to his Empress Consort Josephine.

The Norwegian Emerald and Diamond Parure, which is currently owned by the Royal Family of Norway, is a testament to the power of true love, and a surviving capture of the Emperor’s unyielding love and devotion to Josephine. Not only as a symbol of Napoleon’s conviction for his love, but also for his devotion to artisan crafts, and a particular fondness for talented, professional jewelers and craftsmanship in artisan fields.

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