The Planets Gratitude for Your Gadgets: How Your Smart Phone is Helping the Planet

Gadgets are quickly taking over our everyday lives. Laptops, iPods, kindles and handheld gaming devices are now a common site amongst the population and nearly everyone now carries a mobile phone or smartphone with them.

With so many gadgets floating about, not many of us will stop and think about their impact on the environment.

Whilst the increased use of gadgets can have a negative impact on the environment due to their overuse, constant charging and increase in electronical waste they can also have a positive impact.

For example, on a smartphone there are a number of apps that will help you monitor your carbon footprint, encourage living a healthier lifestyle and give you information on what you can recycle and where. In fact this article from the Guardian shows the top ten green apps for the iphone.

Developments in technology are now allowing us to charge our phones using wind and solar power and by recycling our smartphones, not only can you get paid to do so, you will also be doing your part in helping the environment.

How Your Gadgets are Helping the Planet

How Your Gadgets are Helping the Planet

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A Message From Meye

Hi Everyone. Meye here, the “Blissful Bluebird.” By the way, I did not title myself as blissful. Ever. That was the crazy publishing lady. I know that I have been out of sight for quite a while, and lacking in the production department for my division. Just as The Gazette has, I hope that you will be understanding of my absence. It certainly has not been without warranting cause. You see, my fellow feathered flyers are in grave danger…       (“is there any other kind?”)

Some of Americas most incredibly iconic species of birds are at increased risk as our nation tests various technologies for the implementation of wind power. While we stand in united understanding that there will be casualties among birds as better planetary solutions for power are found, it is also arguable that some consideration for our safety and limiting our losses should at the very least be taken into consideration prior to these physical tests.

Please help us to secure the safety of such amazing birds as the Golden Eagle, endangered Whooping Crane, and Greater Sage-Grouse. You can do  something to help at this very moment by following this link and signing the petition:

Democracy In Action: Petition


“ABC is the only U.S.-based group with a major focus on bird habitat conservation throughout the entire Americas. ABC acts across the full spectrum of threats to birds to safeguard the rarest bird species, restore habitats, and reduce threats, unifying and strengthening the bird conservation movement.

ABC advances bird conservation through direct action and by finding and engaging the people and groups needed to succeed, regardless of their political, economic, or social point of view.”

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