Poetry Press

Sweet Sedation

It is a cold day of June
Waiting with my platoon
How I wish a summer was coming soon
How I wish I did not demand so much from you

Yet I have and I do
And this you need know
Before all the world crumbles
and we’re the rubble below


I have seen the right love
In all the wrong faces
I’ve been waking up lost
In the furthest of places

Iris Unwinds

Do you know of that grey,
How it flutters the mind?

Of that silvery snow.
That waits in the sky?

Illusion of Time

Isn’t it funny?

The subjection of time

Those years lost to moments

Dissolved into wine

The Wall

Forever it Shall Take

I know of you in blurred pixilated pieces,
in eventual exchanges of theological thesis’

Impatient Lilies

Whistles will blow
From the trains as they pass
To disturb your soft pedals
As they cling to the grass

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