Great Collaboration Crusade

The Great Collaboration Crusade

Join the Dusk ‘Till Dawn Diary Division as we reveal the treacherous journey of two brave souls. Through battles of computing systems, triumphs above cooling  mechanisms and workspace creation in a Dusk ‘Till Dawn embarking of The Great Collaboration Crusade.

Genius Genes *And Kicks*


Alright, Alright, Alright…

I am trucking, literally trudging my little way through pages and paragraphs and pieces of information, opinion, and general feedback related to this entire Digital Nervous System.

There is an immediate and excited urgency to obtain as much information as humanly possible in a considerably crunched period of time.  This computer crusade I’ve embarked upon is a major step forward for my dearly beloved Gulkin Gazette, and therefore is the reason in which I am able to remain focused and hopeful.  It is a true test of patience to remain optimistic throughout these extended study sessions, while deciphering often times contradictory facts, instruction and results in regard to a complicated system that one has only just begun to study so closely.

My self assigned demands and deadlines are taxing at times, but there has been way too much determination and devotion invested in this project even think of turning back now.

For the past six hours today and somewhere hovering around nine yesterday, I’ve been in a physical and virtual vortex of both actual molecular matter in computer device components and a spinning web (pun acknowledged) of  TCP/IP Protocols, DNS Controls, SQL Databases, Servers, IP‘s, Directories and File Vaults.


I hope to complete my venture of presenting the Gazette and its’ Presently Broadcasting Blogs a well deserved and past due upgrade!

There is a Dusk Till Dawn Diary Entry of intensely built up anticipation with The Gazette’s first feature film documentary,

A Van Horn Venture.

The treacherous tale of a hero or two embarking on an epic quest, a mission meant to be braved only by the greatest defenders of men.


Genius Genes On Display


The wheels are in motion, and so is my chair… As it has wheels as well.

Please see below:


proof of color

We’ve also completed the Great Office Renovate-Me Crusade with Spectacular Results! 🙂

Our Best Collaboration Yet

I know that the site’s had been jumping around a bit, and I truly thank you for

Standing By!


The Great Gulkin Gazette Renovation 


Greetings From The Dusk Till Dawn Pioneer Sector!
If you’ve not yet had the pleasure, we sincerely hope that you enjoyed our choice for the official logo.


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