Robert Altman’s 60s: Rock, Roll and Revolution – Courtesy of ArtVision Exhibitions



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Copyright: Robert Altman, courtesy ArtVision Exhibitions, LLC

Copyright: Robert Altman, courtesy ArtVision Exhibitions, LLC

Fueled by talented musicians, innovative artists and incredible writers, the tumultuous tides of the 60s in America challenged young souls to face the harsh reality of war, civil rights and extreme political change.

This extraordinary challenge inspired what could arguably be considered the most culturally significant and creatively unprecedented eras in history. Famous photographer Robert Altman was at the center of it all, determined to chronicle the life and times the Sixties inspired.

Robert Altman’s Rock, Roll & Remember Exhibition successfully captures the simultaneous cultural, social and sexual revolutions that embodied the Sixties in America. A generation built on the spirited, soulful sound of ’60s rock music, politically driven passions, the birth of active feminism and Abbie Hoffman‘s ‘yippies’.

Including iconic 1960s figures such as: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Tina Turner, Jerry Garcia, George Harrison, Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, Jim Morrison, Pete Townsend and Dennis Hopper, these rare, large format photographs, some measuring 8 feet high by 8 feet wide, were previously on view in Manhattan filling all 39 windows at Macy’s in Herald Square and on the grounds of the 1969 Woodstock Festival at The Museum at Bethel Woods.

Rock, Roll & Remember:
ArtVision Exhibitions Announces Rare Sale of Photographs by
Rolling Stone photographer Robert Altman

ArtVision Exhibitions in Boca Raton, FL., invites you to experience ‘A Revolution That Shaped a Generation’, with photographs and commentary by Robert Altman. The Rock, Roll & Remember Exhibit will continue through Wed., November 9, 2011.

The first 50 people to view the collection will receive a complimentary special exhibit poster, courtesy of ArtVision Exhibitions. Those who purchase one of Robert Altman’s photographs also receive a VIP invitation to an intimate cocktail reception with Robert Altman on November 10. Photographs may be purchased from 10 am to 4 pm, Mon – Fri; and 10 am to 7 pm Sat – Sun.

“My favorite image has to be Tina Turner’s legs taken in October 1969 at the Gold Rush Festival in Stockton, California” – Victoria Ann Rehberg, President of ArtVision Exhibitions, LLC in Boca Raton, FL


ArtVision Exhibitions, LLC
Building Audiences One Exhibit at a Time

125 North West 13th Street, Suite B-1, Boca Raton, FL 33432
Tel: (561) 883-2145

Alexandra E. Gulkin


The White Stripes Walking With A Ghost by Tegan and Sara Quin

Tegan and Sara perform ‘Call It Off’

Tower Records.


June 2010.

“Maybe I would have been
Something you’d be good at
Maybe you would have been
Something I’d be good at
But now we’ll never know
I won’t be sad
But in case
I’ll go there
To make myself feel bad
There’s a chance
I’ll start to wonder
If this was the thing to do
I won’t be out long
But I still think it better if
You take your time
Coming over here
I think that’s for the best
Call, break it off
Call, break my own heart” © Tegan and Sara

TEGAN AND SARA lyrics are property and copyright of their owners.
“Call It Off” lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only.

For the record, ‘Walking With a Ghost‘ is an original song by Tegan and Sara.  An impressive cover, however, was released by the talents of The White Stripes a year after its release on  ‘So Jealous‘, a Tegan and Sara album released in 2004.

The White Stripes released a six track EP released in December 2005, six months after Get Behind Me Satan featuring a cover of ‘Walking With A Ghost’ as the opening single.  Note of this tribute was given graciously on the White Stripes EP, noting Sara Quin as the original song writer.

Although written mostly by Sara, the twin sisters share credit to the creation of the timeless little ditty. 

The White Stripes
‘Walking With A Ghost’


Just Like a Wavin Flag

They’ll call me freedom

Just like a Wavin’ Flag

Keinan Warsame

Keinan Warsame

 Waving Flag’
Troubadour LP

Songwriters: Jean Deval; Phillip Lawrence; Bruno Mars; Keinan Warsame

“Out of the darkness,

I came the farthest

Among the hardest survival

Learn from these streets,

it can be bleak

Accept no defeat,

surrender, retreat”

Bodacious Bauble Discovery from Bauble Bar!


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Bluestar Blogging

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Portal: A Captured Countenance of Eswitch22

The Gulkin Gazette: A Feature Little Ditty Talent Spotlight

Meet Ethan. A talented Lego Innovator and Production Director.

This ‘Portal’ is a little ditty worthy of global celebration!

—-> Check out Eswitch22’s Channel <—-

Fun Fact via 10 Neatest Lego Facts.

LEGO’s Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings:  The LEGO toy empire got started in 1932 when Ole Kirk Christiansen, a Danish carpenter, almost went bankrupt. During a depression, he had lost so much carpentry business that he started making wooden toys and selling them from his workshop. Two years later, he named his company LEGO (from Danish words “leg godt” meaning “play well”. Incidentally, lego also means “I put together” in Latin.)


I’m Not Playing With You

FUGAZI – ‘Blueprint’


(Fall 1987 – present)

Ian MacKaye – vocals, guitar
Guy Picciotto – vocals, guitar
Joe Lally – bass
Brendan Canty – drums

To all of those who have so graciously tuned in to the Gulkin Gazette this fine day, I’ve reserved for you a particularly significant, and superbly fitting spiffy Little Dittie!

This song says it all.. And what ‘it all’ is.. is soon to follow 🙂

-Alexandra E. Gulkin

Yep, that’s right, name in full. 

(It’s a Special Occassion)

Don’t Write Me Off Just Yet: Music and Lyrics- Written by Adam Schlesinger

Don’t Write Me Off Just Yet: Music and Lyrics

Written by Adam Schlesinger

It’s never been easy for me… To find words to go along with a melody…

But this time there’s actually something on my mind… So please forgive these few brief, awkward lines…

Music and Lyrics

Music and Lyrics

I cried my eyes out for a solid hour earlier today.  One of those great crying sessions where you just feel moved by something entirely unrelated to your life, that somehow ignites an attachment to every emotion you’ve ever had…

Wait, am I the only one who does that?

Either Way, I hope you enjoy this Gulkin Gazette Top Five Little Ditty

From the Movie, ‘Music and Lyrics’

Written by Adam Schlesinger

Fiona Apple, Elvis Costello – “I Want You”

One of the most talented and emotionally driven female recording artists and exception lyricist, Fiona Apple. In this clip, the natural talent in melancholy melodies with strong interludes of almost angered expression, are recognizable even in her very first composition. A gift that was seemingly existing in the artist even before her fingers met their first instrument.

“I Want You” (Originally by/Featuring: Elvis Costello)

Live Version from VH1‘s Live for Decades Rock Live!, released as an iTunes single (2006)

Fiona Apple

Butterfield Garage ‘First Friday’ Exhibition: Wearable Art Jewelry by Carlyle Gibbs

Butterfield Garage Art Gallery:

First Friday‘ Exhibition Featuring Carlyle Gibbs

Visit or call (904) 825-4577 for additional info.

*~   Carlyle Gibbs Wearable Art Jewelry ~*

‘First Friday’ Exhibition 

Butterfield Garage Art Gallery

137 King Street

Saint Augustine, FL

(904) 825-4577

Open Daily: 11 – 5 

Carlyle Gibbs: Cheryl Gibbs

Carlyle Gibbs ‘First Friday’ Exhibition at Butterfield Garage Art Gallery

Beginning Friday, September 2nd, 2011 at 5:00 p.m.

First Friday’ Exhibition at Butterfield Garage Awill continue through September 30th.

Butterfield Garage: 'First Friday' Exhibition

With a rich history, dating Back to 1927, a one-time parking garage now rests under the St. Augustine sun.  The artist-run Butterfield Garage  has experienced tremendous success, both in providing a positive social atmosphere for locals, and as a destination for visitors, art enthusiasts to communicate in a lively, yet inviting atmosphere. 

The driving force of encouraging and finding a way to bring direct dialogue into the relationships between Featured Artists and Butterfield Garage visitors has evolved into a successful decade  carousel of cultural progress and social significance for the Saint Augustine area.

Showcasing only the most talented and distinguished Artists, ‘First Friday’ Exhibitions have become a ‘social phenomenon’ of sorts to the area, bringing an element of both Art and Awakening. Artists are able to communicate directly with their fans and interested visitors, building personal relationships and additional exposure.

Artists such as Cheryl Gibbs and Kathryn Carlyle, of CarlyleGibbs,  also become a permanent place in the evolving masterpiece of community integration and creative visualization in Art presented by the Butterfield Garage ‘First Friday’ Exhibition.

A commanding and creative sculpted wrist cuff was the very first piece of Carlye Gibbs Wearable Art Jewelry. Complementary to the copper-inspired pieces created by Kathryn, a collection of bronze-infused metal accents that are Cheryl’s Creative Conceptions

The Carlyle Gibbs wearable art jewelry is breath-taking, a brilliantly spun ensemble of finely-woven strands of silvers, precious metals and captivating gemstones.

Butterfield Garage Art Gallery: Carlyle Gibbs Invite

Butterfield Garage: First Friday Exhibition with Carlyle Gibbs

With their pooled creations receiving such enthusiastic reviews, Kathryn and Cheryl will be participating in a month long exhibit at the famous Butterfield Garage Art Gallery in St. Augustine, FL during September, 2011. The Butterfield Garage Art Gallery is favored among locals, and recognized by visitors to the culturally infused gallery, as leader in showcasing traditional and contemporary visual arts in North Florida.

Having opened to the public in 1999, Butterfield Garage Art Gallery, revered to showcase only the most distinguished and talented creators of visual arts for the Butterfield Garage signature ‘First Friday’ Exhibitions, will be inviting the talented visions of metal-weaving precision created by Carlyle Gibbs for the September Exhibition.

With the beautiful array of pieces in wearable, as well as 2-dimensional art included in the Carlyle Gibbs Collaborative Collection, St. Augustine locals will be in for quite an artistically jeweled treat!

Cheryl Gibbs: Bronze Shapes Bracelet

Cheryl Gibbs: Bronze Shapes Bracelet

More on the Carlyle Gibbs ‘First Friday’

Exhibition at Butterfield Garage Art Gallery:

The Killers ‘Live from Abbey Road’ Perform ‘Romeo and Juliet’: Justice to a Dire Straits Classic

“He’s underneath the window… She’s singing, 
“Hey la, my boyfriend’s back..”

 Dire Straits Cover by The Killers  

Live from Abbey Road 

And I dreamed your dream for you and now your dream is real.
How can you look at me as if I was just another one of your deals?

One of the Greatest Covers I’ve Ever Heard. Justice Served, Boys!

The Killers: An Update…. Information Source: <Thank You!>

In a recent interview with the Australian Associated Press, The Killers guitarist Dave Keuning said that the Vegas glam-rockers’ Feb. 21 show in Melbourne will be their last—for a while, at least.

The news doesn’t come as such a surprise, as the Killers have been touring and recording virtually non-stop since they first started catching ears with “Somebody Told Me” in 2004. But, in the context of rumors that singer Brandon Flowers wants to go solo, it looks increasingly likely that “break” in this case might actually be short for “break-up.”

For more on Dave Kuening and The Killers, please visit

For More on the following Gem of Awesome Musical Announcement, please visit

Don’t go getting all upset on me now, though, about a rumored possibility of a permanent dismembering of this fantastic band, as it seems they have confirmed a performance for November 12-13, 2011, and are still mapping out performances together.

We may see some solo work of Keuning released, however, and of this, I’m stoked!

The November gig where The Killers will be co-headlining is the Citrus Bowl Inaugural Orlando Calling Festive part of an impressive collection of performers (including the Raconteurs, Pete Yorn, Bob Segar and the Silver Bullet Band and the Pixies) at the Citrus Bowl Inaugural Orlando Calling Festive Celebration.

Thanks for the tip.. World Music News!

A Commoner’s Royal Tale… Kate Middleton’s Enchanted Wedding

Kate Middleton: Royal Wedding Bridal Jewelry

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue

As of Friday, April 29th, the long-term romance between Will and Kate becomes official Monarch History. The couple was officially titled by Queen Elizabeth the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. A graceful and glamorous Kate Middleton and handsomely proud Prince William remained impressively composed, appearing to be in complete adoration of one another as millions of onlookers crowded the streets of London, and tuned in from across the pond to catch a glimpse of the Royal Wedding.

A million people roared their approval as the royal couple then paraded through London in an open carriage.

The Dutchess of Cambridge

Prince William & Kate Middleton

Queen Elizabeth in Canary Yellow Angela Kelly

In a charming canary yellow ensemble, Queen Elizabeth exhibited her Royal Style on Friday. The Queen wore an Angela Kelly single crepe wool dress embellished with hand sewn bead work. 

Pinned to her matching double crepe wool tailored primrose coat was Queen Mary’s True Lovers Knot diamond brooch. Her hat with silk roses — also designed by Angela Kelly — was a lovely addition to her outfit. Ladylike accessories like white gloves, pearl necklace and white handbag added a timeless elegance.

The wedding of the century is quickly coming upon us and speculation about every aspect of the wedding is ratcheting up. Gossip rags and major newspapers alike are desperately trying to dig up any information about Prince William’s and Kate Middleton‘s upcoming nuptials. With an expected one billion or more viewers, it is no wonder the media is desperate for the slightest bit of information on the wedding.

One question that everyone seems to be asking is wither or not the Queen will lend Kate a tiara from her royal collection. We all ready know that something new will be her wedding dress, something 0ld and blue will be Princess Diana‘s brilliant ring which features 18 ct. blue sapphire center stone surrounded by colorless  diamond accents in platinum. What we don’t know is what her something borrowed will be. It is widely thought that the Queen will lend Kate one of her tiara’s which would be fitting since Princess Diana wore a tiara to her own wedding as well.

Kate Middleton comes from a family of commoners, and like many of us does not have any royal jewels floating around in her family. If Queen Elizabeth II did lend her royal tiara to Kate it would signify that she approves of the marriage. This would make it an official proclamation that the Queen has no objections to their union and finally put to rest the many rumors that are swirling around the England Country-Side.

The Queen has an extensive collection of tiaras in her royal collection, eight in total. One of the most beautiful is the Vladimir Tiara, which was smuggled out of Russia by a British diplomat in the 1917 revolution. This tiara features fifteen Cambridge emeralds, teardrop pearls and a stunning array of diamonds. Another beautiful tiara is the King George IV State Tiara. This incredible piece has 1,333 diamonds weighing a total 325.75 carats, and has 169 pearls along its base.Queen Elizabeth received the tiara from her mother on her 18th birthday.

Middleton’s diamond earrings designed by Robinson Pelham

Royal  Wedding Jewelry

The Cartier tiara that seemed to steal the show of fine jewelry was made in 1936, purchased by The Duke of York (King George VI) for his Duchess (The Queen Mother) three weeks before he succeeded his brother as King. The significance of Kate Middleton wearing the Queen’s tiara on Friday is of great importance, symbolizing the emotional bond between the Queen and Princess Catherine.

The tiara sat upon Kate’s whimsically styled half-up, half-down brunette locks, holding a veil of ivory silk tulle and a trim of hand-embroidered flowers. The beautifully blushing Bride wore an Alexander McQueen wedding gown designed by the British brand’s creative director Sarah Burton.

One element of this historic wedding that the media outlets are buzzing over wildly is the jewelry worn by Kate Middleton on her and William’s Big Day. Rave reviews from fashion critics include the acknowledgement that the commoner exhibited stylish Royalty by blending together various time periods of jewelry in perfection.

The pave-set acorn diamond centered earrings worn by Kate Middleton were a Wedding Gift for the new Bride from parents Carole and Michael Middleton. The Robinson Pelham designed pear-shaped earrings were inspired by her family’s new coat of arms, and one of the pieces that are receiving press praises.

Diamond oak leaf and acorn earrings worn by Kate Middleton by Robinson Pelham Photo: AP

The diamond oak leaf and acorn earrings worn by Kate Middleton by Robinson Pelham Photo: AP

“Catherine’s jewelry epitomizes the modern yet timeless bride — she successfully blended elements from several eras together,” jewelry expert Michael O’Connor tells Us. “Her platinum and diamond pear-shaped drop earrings are very much in trend right now, and demonstrate a chic princess style. Catherine’s platinum and diamond tiara borrowed from the Queen is a nod to the past and shows the emotional bond between Catherine and her new family. And of course, the stunning blue sapphire engagement ring added just the right pop of color and was a nod to William’s mother.” -US Magazine

Royal Beauty

Best Wishes to the Newlyweds!