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Yet again my friends, the renovation and conversion process begins…

Alex Gulkin Publishing is progressing steadily, and therefore has entered a metamorphic period in order to catch up to itself.

Thank you for your patience during this palladic quest for perfect polychotomy.

The Gulkin Gazette:

Hot Off The Virtual Press!

Featuring little ditties of timeless music, poetry, literature and all creative endeavors.

`Preserving and promoting creativity since 2009`

The Gulkin Gazette (Beta Version) features two delightful divisions which will be converted over in the very near future.*completed*

The Blissfully Bluebird Blog features the paradox of Meye, a stubborn soul seeking ultimate happiness, reluctantly.

Dusk ‘Till Dawn Diary is a unique collection of notations within private incidents and planetary events, as well as the new addition to dedicated little ditties.

Little Ditties is dedicated to timeless music, art, film and history, with lots of unique notations and inspiring imagery!

For something of which I am quite proud, certain selections of my poetry are now published and viewable on Associated Content.  A division is under construction currently for personal publishing, and I thank you for forgiving my mess as I crusade to create a masterpiece of my very best!

A substantially improved version of this Bio-Byline is in the works as well.

Take It Easy Everyone,

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  1. Thank you so much, my Dani Boy! oh Flutterflies and Rainbows all are hereby sent to you!

  2. Dan Reveal says:

    This is very beautiful and will stand the test of time…I love it with all my heart!!

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