Death Glitter Demo

Been doing a little thing with #diy #homereno and passion projects of resin pours and tie dye as of late.

In honor of the fact that it wouldn’t have been possible without the mind-blowing event of being asked for proof of my fathers death before the remains had even been cremated… this is me throwing glitter on death.

Mastering a different kind of router these days, and have finally experienced the Peter Gibbons moment I’ve longer for all these years.

We don’t have a lot of time on this Earth! We weren’t meant to spend it this way! Human beings were not meant to sit in little cubicles staring at computer screens all day, filling out useless forms and listening to eight different bosses drone on about mission statements!

As I dig a shovel into the earth, the Death Glitter Demo days begin.

Please follow for fun bloopers and rare successes in woodworking, painting, drywall, hardwood floor refinishing and crown molding. Choice moments, like when I drop paint directly into my eye while rolling the ceiling (a moment I meant to jokingly predict, which then actually happened) or the day I got accidentally high on paint fumes and Jason cried about forgetting it was oil-based paint while in a full coverall suit.

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