Rapper Reveals Paradoxed Core of GATES Foundation COVID19 Vaccinations

PLAND3M1C by Bear Witness

An established artist in exploratory sound and provocative subject matter, the premier of PLAND3M1C marks a noteworthy leap for Bear Witness in both sectors. An insightful exploration into the nation-state of modern day matrix, the rapper fearlessly forecasts a determined dystopia with melodic dissertation.

PLAND3M1C showcases a taut and intrepid delivery from The Bear, delving into correlations of the GATES foundation, strategic vaccination, and global oppression. In a noteworthy nod to creative inspiration, the artist has dedicated the boundary bashing new track to “our dear friend, Bill Gates.”

With familiar humor, master antidotes and venting frustrations of elected ignorance, Bear Witness remains true to his hippie-hop roots with creative sampling and nostalgic mastering; while reaching a pinnacle of profound sound with PLAND3M1C. Tactically suspended ruminations and a new signature, sinking flow, seem to instantly levitate the rappers growing legacy.

In stark contrast to previous tracks like Permeate the Air, Amazing Sometimes, On the Rise, and my personal favorite/ “unreleased” Excuse Me, PLAND3M1C shatters any expectation that Bear Witness may be artistically contained to anthems of impetuous nature and borderline controversy. The risky success of this thought provoking final product forecasts a philosophical future of unrest and adventurous new sound for The Bear.

A deeper track, both proverbially and in literal sound, PLAND3M1C unveils a new frontier for the label lancing artist. There is an undeniable confident cadence in The Bear’s voice that further establishes the track’s cultural significance. Bear Witness brings you on a real-time carousel of regression, stocked with references, rhetoric and triggering rhythym with PLAND3M1C.

PLAND3M1C – Bear Witness – Released 5-12-2020

(Hold up)

This shit is driving me crazy
I’m losing my sanity I think I’m losing my patience
I find it frustrating that people don’t see this shit happening
right in our faces

this can’t be reality think it’s a simulation
like we live in the matrix
Yeah the gates foundation is probably gonna hate this
and have YouTube erase this

Bet they got a vaccine probably waitin
til we all get tired of the isolation
til the frustration makes us complacent
and we all accept a mass vaccination 7ish

they wanna cut down population
but they can’t stop all the copulation
so they’ll implement a sterilization
no reproduction no ovulation

yeah they already did this in Kenya and India
gave away shots for free
Went into impoverished villages
told them that it would prevent HPV

wonder why they were up in there
under protection from privatized military
probably because of the hidden ingredient
in the vaccine called HCG

Human chorionic gonadotropin
a hormone that women produce
at the moment of pregnacy from the placenta
to give reproduction a boost

this type of HCG, it was synthetic
and made in a sketchy facility
and when it’s administered at a high dosage
a recipe for infertility

Tell me now are you feelin me
I think they’re plotting some type of a killin’ spree
They don’t need weaponry, zero artillery
plan a pandemic and gain the ability

kill the economy, stir up hostility
lock us inside, cause irritability
their money has the capability
censoring news to control what we hear and see

The narrative is not what it appear to be
nice try but you can’t put the fear in me
your agenda it is all very clear to me
you will not inject me or anybody dear to me

Over my dead body, probably want me to die
make it look a suicide when you murder me
But I’m still very much alive
so let’s talk the patent for your cryptocurrency

1 patent number 060606
Sound some lucifer shit
The mark of the beast is some type of chip?
Maybe I’m crazy, I’m losin’ my shit

Maybe it’s not a chip, maybe its some type of nanobots
RFID in them shits
Wonder why Bill Gates worked with Epstein
to fund research for this type of shit

That remind’s me, Am I insane?
But the flight logs placed you on his plane
But you denied ever knowing him, huh that’s strange
Cuz you been up inside the pedophile’s domain

The house in Florida and the private island
we know you’ve been there so why you lyin’?
You only look worse when you deny it
now tell me that you ain’t been pedophilin’

Nerdy ass white guy lookin like a nice guy
All on the news in the interviews smilin
The plan is working, you can see it in his eyes
and he’s stoked about it, boy this man wylin’

Microsoft but wish he had a fat packer
Him and Zuckerberg rollin with the fact checkers
How much do we believe Tell me the exact measure
– Tell me whos’ fact checkin all the fact checkers?”

-Bear Witness (Lawrence Pennington)



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