Ceschi Ramos a Connecticut ambassador atop the international indie hip-hop world

Over the last decade there have been few musical acts from Connecticut who have been as consistent and cutting edge as New Haven hip-hop performer Ceschi Ramos. Somewhere in the vast void between artistic integrity and personal accomplishments that most musicians long to exist within, Ramos has set up shop over and over again. Whether it’s his own stellar albums or the array of artists Ramos has worked with through his Fake Four Inc. label, Ceschi has been sitting on top of the indie hip-hop world for as long as anyone in this state can remember.

Ramos, by his own admission, lived a somewhat transient childhood. His immediate family lived in places as varied as California and Decatur, Georgia before settling in his mother’s home state of Connecticut. His youth was spent being exposed to various forms of music and both Ramos and his brother, David, took to “family-friendly” hip-hop such as MC Hammer, Heavy D, and Fat Boys.


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