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Topidelic is a 6-piece tsunami, releasing an unexpected meteor of sound and spoken word to transfixed crowds with woven melodic interludes of rapidly delivered and radically aware observation.

In scenes of powerful color; James Begin and Derek McBryde sway into a cotton candy cloud of paint, a slide and coil wrapped brass duo in synched celebration. Matt Roads radiates optimism increasingly throughout the video, winning your heart at 3:18 with the puff of a shirt as he smiles in song with “shake, shake off the cold.”

It’s so clear to see that these guys have grown, as brothers (and gentlemen), against all odds and in the face of all opponents. Shown in tiny shreds and grand design, the members of Tropidelic display a unified, fully invested conquering of all the magic and melancholy that is pure music, life, and life.

Can’t ask for much more…

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