Two Daze A Blaze in South FL

Two Daze A Blaze in South FL

Two of South Florida’s finest unite for Two Daze A Blaze. Join Space Coast Ghosts and Vibes Farm at Crazy Uncle Mikes in Boca Raton on Friday, 4/19 and again at Respectables Street in downtown West Palm Beach on Saturday, 4/20.

Delivering diverse blends of reggae, funk, blues, metal, punk and rap, the powerful dichotomy of a Space Coast Ghosts and Vibes Farm joint performance promises a pallet of musical infusion for South FL locals this holiday.

“Space traveling Super Band on a Mission to Oblivion and Beyond,” Space Coast Ghosts is a 4 piece original Rock, Reggae, and Hip Hop fusion band based out of Palm Beach County, Florida.

The sound of Space Coast Ghosts captures and communicates an undeniable charm, solidified in raw technical abilities and skill. As brothers in song and comrades in life, a rare and fleeting bond lives here, a connection that brilliantly sounds its alarm when SCG take stage.

But don’t expect them to stay there. Space Coast Ghosts have an embraced tendency to make a round or two around the room, bass line steady, creating a more intimate experience for all.

Intricate musical arrangements are set fire with the vocals of Noah Prescott, who playfully and powerfully addresses social, moral and cultural topics with conscious humor.

With a sound that moves seamlessly through enchanted melodies that move like waves through re-imaginings of anthems by The Beatles and original creations, Vibes Farm embraces a higher frequency of ska, surf-rock and reggae.

Guitar and vocals by Tyler Giddens sway you into a state ever so sweet, where the perfectly timed and passionate percussion courtesy of Joe Cole demands moving of your feet. Find yourself, quite literally, in a farmed vibes dance party for Two Daze A Blaze.

Get to Crazy Uncle Mike’s in Boca Raton, FL for Two Daze A Blaze with Space Coast Ghosts and Vibes Farm– 4/19 from 8:30 – 11:30 pm.

Surf District Surf Shop even came through with swag! $3 tickets get you a chance at a trucker hat, shirt, koozie, and sticker. 4 prize bags will be given away midshow, so be sure to get there for @spacecoastghosts set!

Two Daze A Blaze continues at Respectables Street in West Palm Beach on Saturday night, 4/20. $5 – ages 18+ with VALID ID.

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