Transit 22 Releases ‘A Song for Rhune’

In an honorable nod to one of his most devoted fans, Canada-based rapper Transit22 has released a bittersweet tribute track, ‘A Song for Rhune.‘ A 12 year old devoted supporter who had donated his birthday money to support Transit22’s (Daniel Bennett) “Dark Day// Good Morning” kickstarter campaign, Rhune and his mother had recently attended and met Bennett at a US show.

Being a father himself, and an artist who genuinely embraces an interest in his followers and their lives, Bennett remained in touch with his enthusiastic young fan. To show his appreciation, Bennett fondly recalls sending the pre-teen certain tracks prior to their official release to get his opinion. The two remained in touch through Transit22’s fan page, at times exchanging tales of the great human condition, the struggle we face at every age and with every reason…

The following was shared from Transit22’s social networks during the last week of March 2019:

“A couple weeks ago I heard the tragic news that my biggest fan Rhune had died in a car crash at only 12 years old. He was wearing his Couch Money toque when he died & his mom told me they laid him to rest with his signed copy of my CD. My friends @conanjurek @treymillswins & @jonnywi11iams all donated their work/talents to this song for Rhune. Every cent generated from this song on Spotify & Apple etc. will go directly to Rhune’s mom who is understandably struggling during this time.

Please help us share this. All proceeds go directly to Rhune’s mom! (it’s also out on Apple and Google etc) ❤️🛋💸”


Your boy will soar with the comets & be on stage as I rap this,

You told me that he told you that he felt so impacted

He loved that in the music it was honest with passion

& that if you were hurting it might help you get past it

But now you are the one who’s turning tragic to magic

Cuz’ when this life is its saddest we still gon vibe with the tracklist

We’re better cuz you lived

Heart broken that you left

We could never forget you’re a part of the set

Couch Money past death

Hear A Song for Rhune here

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My heart goes out to Rhune’s mom, who is suffering in a way I can’t begin to imagine…

It’s difficult to admit that the tragedy of death morphs into a melancholy sense of relief, reminding just how grateful I’ve forgotten to be, for each fiber of this fragile existing. And every soul I’ve known along the way, for it will be sooner than later that we’re all floating  away. xo ~ Alex

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