Sweet Sedation

It is a cold day in June
Hiding with my platoon
Never have felt so far from home
Never had known this brand of alone

This war I am in, so happily found
A battle constantly raging around
Helps to silence all the screams inside
Seems to muffle the guns that fire in mind

It is a cold day of June
Waiting with my platoon
How I wish a summer was coming soon
How I wish I did not demand so much from you

Yet I have and I do
And this you need know
Before all the world crumbles
and we’re the rubble below

I never was skilled in protecting this heart
Through the wearing and tearing and pulling apart
The killing outside is a sweet sedation
It reminds me that soon, I, Myself, will be taken

To where I won’t know the worry
Of endless cold Junes
Or the grenades in my heart
Planted in landmines’ of you

Orig. Pub 2009 – Yahoo! – Alexandra E. Gulkin

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