Be Like the Sharpie

A life long fan of the Sharpie Permanent Marker, and proud owner of a few smear-proof Sharpie pens (highly recommended), I’m so enamored to see the development and creative community involvement strategies currently being implemented by the same sensational company.

Beginning with the manufacturing and distributing of one simple, yet incredibly effective, design of the now classic black permanent marker, Sharpie has been constantly evolving and bringing innovation to permanency of ink.

The Sharpie Blog is currently promoting a nation-wide challenge that dares each of us to use their new line of fabric staining markers to create something vibrant, colorful and unique!

If as a human being, I can evolve in some comparable way to the graceful, imaginative and honorable way that Sharpie has, I’ll be quite pleased!


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You Totally Rock, Sharpie!

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