StyleSays is giving away a pair of signed Yotam Solomon shoes for the launch of our new site! We’re talking about a $1000 pair of designer heels here! All you have to do is invite 3 friends to join you on StyleSays and pick one of these shoes and tell us what they say to you. Tweeting and posting your invitation link to Facebook will earn you extra points 🙂 Visit to get your invitation link. The winner will be allowed to choose the pair of shoes they want. Check out Yotam Solomon’s line of designer shoes. The contest will end September 22nd so get started today. 

About StyleSays

StyleSays brings together all of your favorite stores in one place so that friends can shop and chat with each other while creating their own personal collections. You’ll be notified if the price drops on any items you’ve saved and we’ll even connect you with friends to earn free shipping promotions from stores. 

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