Butterfield Garage ‘First Friday’ Exhibition: Wearable Art Jewelry by Carlyle Gibbs

Butterfield Garage Art Gallery:

First Friday‘ Exhibition Featuring Carlyle Gibbs

Visit http://www.butterfieldgarage.com or call (904) 825-4577 for additional info.

*~   Carlyle Gibbs Wearable Art Jewelry ~*

‘First Friday’ Exhibition 

Butterfield Garage Art Gallery

137 King Street

Saint Augustine, FL

(904) 825-4577

Open Daily: 11 – 5


Carlyle Gibbs: Cheryl Gibbs

Carlyle Gibbs ‘First Friday’ Exhibition at Butterfield Garage Art Gallery

Beginning Friday, September 2nd, 2011 at 5:00 p.m.

First Friday’ Exhibition at Butterfield Garage Awill continue through September 30th.

Butterfield Garage: 'First Friday' Exhibition

With a rich history, dating Back to 1927, a one-time parking garage now rests under the St. Augustine sun.  The artist-run Butterfield Garage  has experienced tremendous success, both in providing a positive social atmosphere for locals, and as a destination for visitors, art enthusiasts to communicate in a lively, yet inviting atmosphere. 

The driving force of encouraging and finding a way to bring direct dialogue into the relationships between Featured Artists and Butterfield Garage visitors has evolved into a successful decade  carousel of cultural progress and social significance for the Saint Augustine area.

Showcasing only the most talented and distinguished Artists, ‘First Friday’ Exhibitions have become a ‘social phenomenon’ of sorts to the area, bringing an element of both Art and Awakening. Artists are able to communicate directly with their fans and interested visitors, building personal relationships and additional exposure.

Artists such as Cheryl Gibbs and Kathryn Carlyle, of CarlyleGibbs,  also become a permanent place in the evolving masterpiece of community integration and creative visualization in Art presented by the Butterfield Garage ‘First Friday’ Exhibition.

A commanding and creative sculpted wrist cuff was the very first piece of Carlye Gibbs Wearable Art Jewelry. Complementary to the copper-inspired pieces created by Kathryn, a collection of bronze-infused metal accents that are Cheryl’s Creative Conceptions

The Carlyle Gibbs wearable art jewelry is breath-taking, a brilliantly spun ensemble of finely-woven strands of silvers, precious metals and captivating gemstones.

Butterfield Garage Art Gallery: Carlyle Gibbs Invite
Butterfield Garage: First Friday Exhibition with Carlyle Gibbs

With their pooled creations receiving such enthusiastic reviews, Kathryn and Cheryl will be participating in a month long exhibit at the famous Butterfield Garage Art Gallery in St. Augustine, FL during September, 2011. The Butterfield Garage Art Gallery is favored among locals, and recognized by visitors to the culturally infused gallery, as leader in showcasing traditional and contemporary visual arts in North Florida.

Having opened to the public in 1999, Butterfield Garage Art Gallery, revered to showcase only the most distinguished and talented creators of visual arts for the Butterfield Garage signature ‘First Friday’ Exhibitions, will be inviting the talented visions of metal-weaving precision created by Carlyle Gibbs for the September Exhibition.

With the beautiful array of pieces in wearable, as well as 2-dimensional art included in the Carlyle Gibbs Collaborative Collection, St. Augustine locals will be in for quite an artistically jeweled treat!

Cheryl Gibbs: Bronze Shapes Bracelet
Cheryl Gibbs: Bronze Shapes Bracelet

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Exhibition at Butterfield Garage Art Gallery:

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