Turning Affliction and Adversity into Tattoos and Opportunity: An Inked Veteran Success Story Add a comment Alexandra Gulkin , West Palm Beach Artists Examiner March 4, 2011 – Like this? Subscribe to get instant updates.   Share Print Email Meet Jeff Glasser, a disabled veteran whose refusal to be discouraged by injury will forever benefit the tattoo industry. Founder and CEO of InkFREAKZ.com, Jeff Glasser radiates with eternal optimism and perseverance. With goals to honor wounded soldiers and disabled veterans through non-profit approaches with InkFREAKZ.com, Glasser has found a way to modernize the defining principles of honor and integrity of the US Army.   Five years ago, after completing his Basic and AIT Infantry Training in Ft. Benning, GA, Jeff Glasser was home in West Palm Beach for the winter holidays. Following the short visit, he was scheduled to be stationed in Ft. Lewis, WA. While visiting his family and loved ones, Jeff was in a severe motorcycle accident, leaving him paralyzed and a now retired disabled veteran. In an unyielding gratefulness for still having the gift of his life, Glasser was determined to get a tattoo symbolizing his gratitude to God with a cross. With this motivation, Jeff escaped from the local hospital where he was being treated. Yes, a literal escape, an impressive act for someone who was severely injured and entirely new to maneuvering a wheelchair. The inspirational veteran returned and completed his hospital stay, preparing to live his life with a few major alterations after having found his way to a tattoo shop nearby and obtaining his new symbol of thanks. It was this experience that Jeff attributes today to be the event that spawned his idea for InkFREAKZ.com. Continue reading on Examiner.com InkFREAKZ.com: Turning Affliction and Adversity into Tattoos and Opportunity – West Palm Beach artists | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/artists-in-west-palm-beach/inkfreakz-com-turning-affliction-and-adversity-into-tattoos-and-opportunity#ixzz1TbxnA7XZ

InkFREAKZ.com: Turning Affliction and Adversity into Tattoos and Opportunity

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