A Gulkin-Boone Mustang Overhaul

She’s a Happy Lassie…

For You, Our Silver Stallion

Oh, you got to love her (love her)
And tease her (tease her)
But most of all you got to please her (please her)
You got to hold her (hold her)
And want her (want her)
And make her feel you’ll always need her (need her)

You know a woman (woman)
Is sentimental (woman)
And so easy (woman) to upset (woman)
So make her feel (feel)
That she’s for real, yeah (real)
And she’ll give you happiness
Whoa-oh strange as it seems
(treat her like) (you got to treat her like)
You know you can’t treat a woman mean
(treat her like) (you got to treat her like)

So my friend, there you have it
I said it’s the easy, simple way
If you fail to do this
Don’t blame her if she looks my way

Cause I’m gonna
Treat her like a lady
So affectionately
I’m gonna treat her like a lady

…and We Sure Did!

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There are plenty of updates to provide the Gazette with, and I will be doing so shortly. For now, however, as it is late and I am sleepy, a sneak preview of sorts…

Happy Memorial Day To All!!!


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