Viva Las Vegas


You and Me

The Wannadies

Be A Girl (1994)

You and Me Song


Always when we fight
I kiss you once or twice
And everything’s forgotten
I know you hate that
I love you Sunday song
The week’s not yet begun
And everything is quiet
And it’s always…
You and me always, and forever
You and me always, and forever
ba ba ba ba da ba, it was always
You and me always..

For More on the Swedish Alt. Rock Band, Formed in 1988, The Wannadies:

Have a wonderful evening. Hope you’ve enjoyed this evening’s Little Ditties Entry. -Alex

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  1. Dani! You are the sweetest thing since candy coated sugar cubes!! flutterflies and rainbows are being sent to you… 🙂 alex
    p.s. missing you on the freelance circuit !

  2. danreveal says:

    Thanks, Alex!!

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