One of those songs that has an atmosphere all its own…

Thank You, Bright Eyes.

“Dreamt I was riding on a motorbike”

“Bust through the Firewall into heaven
Then I’m standing in that
blinding light
Crooked crosses falling from the sky”

lyrics by: Conor Oberst

The People’s Key

Bright Eyes?

According to virtual sources, the band name, as well as its often referenced use with mild variants found within many of Obersts’ lyrics was derived from the movie Planet of the Apes.

The term of endearment used by Dr. Zira, who calls Taylor “bright eyes”

The People’s Key?

Oberst announced that he wanted to “retire” the Bright Eyes moniker, and would be making one final album with the band: “It does feel like it needs to stop at some point. I’d like to clean it up, lock the door, say goodbye.”


I know it may be quite silly… but I still love the fact that I wrote this poem for you before I had heard this song, and before you had introduced me to the beautiful music of Bright Eyes. There’s some sort of sweet coincidence in my prior referencing of ‘That blinding light Of your bright eyes’ in the publishing of…


Iris Unwinds

How could I dare place in words
This canvas basement beneath the earth

That Rome has long since hung of you
The grandest portrait to ever view

That drifting through coliseums of Spain
The winds still softly sing your name

Do you know of that grey,
How it flutters the mind?

Of that silvery snow.
That waits in the sky?

There exists no option to define
To translate or epitomize

That blinding light
Of your
bright eyes

A boundless glistening of emerald sea
Those gold reflections surfacing

This photograph that always shines
Every time your green iris unwinds

Alexandra E. Gulkin – October 15, 2010

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  1. Dan Reveal says:

    Oct. 15 is my birthday! Wonderful work!!! This is why I think of you as a wonderful poet. Notice the “suggestion” of images which makes this truly poetic? You are both smart and caring….can’t decided which is more meaningful….perhaps a tie.

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