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Fight to Maintain Medical Research!

The US Congress is currently considering the passage of a bill, effective this fiscal year which will cut the research budget of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) by $1.3 billion in allocated funds. The irreversible damage and regression in medical and scientific advancement resulting from the passage of this bill will not only be felt by us and our families, but we will passing the destruction on to future generations.

An interesting example of another financial projection for this fiscal year is a projected $3.6 billion to be allocated to the Secure Border Initiative (SBI) government program. This $1.2 billion dollar increase from the previous fiscal year fund allocation has been designated to finance the construction of an additional 27 miles to the southwest border fence. This will be added to the presently 670 mile long stretch of fencing that sits on the border between the United States and Mexico.

This is the same “border” which has proven to be not only ineffective, but where US law is unrecognized and unenforced by our current administration. A President who publicly strongly supports a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants and refuses to enforce United Stated border law is choosing to increase the spending on a fence that he, himself has deemed unworthy of even his attention.

Does anybody else believe that these facts simply just do not add up?

This would not just be another inarguable senseless act of spending to add to the laundry list of the Obama Administration financial failures. If this bill passes, the ones who will pay the biggest price, both physically and psychology for this colossal lapse in judgment are the patients who are in need of medical attention. Patients who are in need of continued, not dismantled medical research.

The proposed bill to cut medical research funding by such financial extremes would be an ultimate travesty to the progress that’s been made in medicine and science. This halt to medical research would set back decades of uncovered neurological pathology and connection to the etymology of epilepsy, as well as an umbrella of chronic disease research and discovery.


If you support the maintaining of medical research funding, raise your voice!

Tell your Representative to uphold their investment in research at the NIH.


If you live in Palm Beach or Broward County, please contact Congressman Allen West to speak out against the passage of this bill!


Main headquarters of Congressman West:

140 North Federal Highway

Deerfield Beach, FL 33441


Direct number to Congressman West Main headquarters:

(561) 655-1943


Email Congressman West:

Link to Email Congressman Allen West


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