Stainless Steel and Dreams

I don’t know quite how to explain it, but I really do just love the futuristic vintage minimalism atmosphere we’ve conjured up in our apartment. It’s distinct and something I relate to the Dusk Till Dawn Diary Duo and our intertwining of expression . . .

LightBulb1.22.11 CandlesInWindow1.22.11 Countertop1.22.11

It seems that a stainless steel kitchen is among one of my top most desired adult life obtainable dreams. I always loved how it looked in Home Depot when they started making kitchen cabinets and sinks in stainless steel. Oh! and there’s a stainless steel Sharpie available now that writes in fine-tip black ink.

(yes, please!)

Hopefully, I’ll be able to provide a review for my choice of vintage futurism styled gift of choice from If this is not the case, I have simply been taken for a fool 🙂

(Let’s hope for the latter to not occur, as so far all signs point to legit.)

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In the ever-expanding list of stainless steel wishes, the modern bar stools sit at the top spot, followed so very closely behind by the sink faucet with wrap around steel accent… I really dig it, Just like our place!

Happy Monday Everybody, Off To Work!


UPDATE : : : UPDATE : : : HEAR YE : : : HEAR YE : : :

Not at all a scam, the csn thing, totally legit! Therefore, (yey!) we will have some totally tubular coasters to delight the condensation of our drinks with! Yeahhh Buddy, WooHoo! I’m happy. Goodnight.

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