Gulkin Gazette

Motorcycle Boots and Photo-Booths

Cyberpunk, '70s Glamour and Biker-Chic were a few of the hot trends for 2011 revealed last fall during Fashion Week in New York. With daring new designs and the incorporation of never before seen materials on the runway, it seems that 2011 will be the year of vexing futurism intertwined with vintage glamour.


One of the interesting new “fashion trends” I researched, as part of an un-related assignments, is actually pretty spectacularly awesome. Like, late ‘80s thriller video wardrobe meets believable bad-ass biker from the future. This has been dubbed “biker-chic” and me certainly do likey.
Love it when these assignments pay off with fun finds such as these! 🙂
Alright… There is work to be done, and laundry to be switched, programs to investigate, etc…


Here’s that promised streaming photo-booth:


<<   Click Me!  I will lead you to the photo-booth… streamed!   >>

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