As Spring Appears on the Horizon Gate, The Gulkin Gazette Anticipates.

As a 2011 Spring Season Hovers, The Gulkin Gazette

Prepares With New Kicks and a Change of Color



Spring will be here before we know it, with the Spring Equinox ready to reach us on March 20, 2011. As I’ve been tied up with my text dealings, and expect to be for the remainder of this week, I wanted to be sure and remind Gazette readers just how much I appreciate your visits! I am about to embark on a new article assignment, and I thought sharing my witnessing of the current constellation controversy would be a great way to kick off this Monday!

*Speaking of KICKS*

These are my new ones and I Love Them!  🙂

The Ophiuchus Constellation presented a threat to the astrological identity so many enthusiasts have grown attached to. While not a zodiac fanatic, I much prefer the description of a Cancer to that of a Gemini. Astronomy expert, Parke Kunkle was interviewed by Star Tribune last week, causing controversy to break out among many lions, crabs, twins and scorpions.

Kunkle argued that the addition of Ophiuchus, the 13th sign of the zodiac in the year 2011 was not technically an addition to the Babylonian zodiac, but a re-admittance of a sign which was removed from the original zodiac. In the astronomy professor’s explanation, it is described that astrological signs have all become a month out of alignment. This misalignment is said to be a result of the precession of the Earth‘s axis, causing the earth to wobble and change the constellations that it will face in 2011 as a result. Ophiuchus is a dim constellation that lies on the edge of the Summer Milky Way, appearing as an outline of a long house lying low in the sky. This year during the later part of November and early December, this constellation will be representative of the earth’s location and a new zodiac sign to be born under for 2011 babies.

The uproar between astronomy experts and astrologists continued when Susan Miller, a well-known astrological expert, appeared on ABC News to put the “ridiculous” rumors to rest. As explained by Miller, the Babylonian zodiac removed the sign of Ophiuchus for a reason. She reassured those suffering from a panic of identity that no one’s sign has “changed.” The zodiac proposes that it is the constellation which the sun is in on your particular day of birth defines your astrological sign. This one fact is agreed upon by experts and analysts in both astronomy and astrology. With this fact in mind, Susan Miller reminds Americans that there is no possibility in anybody’s astrological sign changing as a result of the addition of a 13th sign to the zodiac in 2011. It remains to be defined whether or not Ophiuchus, “the serpent bearer,” is a sign that has come to stay or if it will quickly be removed from nationally published horoscopes.

Time will tell…


A Possible Cancer and/or Gemini




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