“With future pixels in factories far away”

Rhinestone Eyes

By: Gorillaz ©

“I’m a scary gargoyle on a tower

That you made with plastic power

Your rhinestone eyes are like factories far away

When the paralytic dreams that we all seem to keep

Drive on engines till they weep

With future pixels in factories far away”

Please enjoy today’s Little Ditty,

“Rhinestone Eyes”


Album: Plastic Beach/ Artist: Gorillaz©

Lyrics By: Albarn, Damon; Hewlett, Jamie



In the fall of 2010, while Gorillaz World Tour performed in Montreal, an exclusive “Rhinestone Eyes” Storyboard Video was created and featured in the show. Somehow, that video found its’ way from the Montreal Venue to the World Wide Web. These rad dudes not only didn’t whine or insist the video be removed, rather they have provided visitors to their website a direct link to the exclusive rhinestone eyes storyboard video with a jovial reference to its’ mysterious existence on YouTube. Musicians, maybe just mankind in general (particularly Lars Ulrich) could learn a great deal from these incredible artists and musical visionaries!

Thanks for all the great tunes, Gorillaz… Though I remain aware that the albums I hear simply exist as part of your fictional universe, and the songs that I adore are created, recorded and performed by a virtual band of cartoon characters.




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