Heartbreaker, Dream-maker, Love-taker…

Pat Benatar, I adore you


On todays morning drive, this memorable little ditty came over the car radio and reminded me of watching my Mom dance around to records when I was little.

Heartbreaker” is a song from the 1979 Pat Benatar album, In the Heat of the Night.

Written and Composed by Geoff Gill and Clint Wade, “Heartbreaker” is named the 72nd best hard rock song of all time by VH1.

In fact, I seem to remember a Pat Benatar replica as one of her always memorable Halloween costumes. My Mom has a bizarre ability to create amazing, award-winning Halloween costumes… MacGyver style. Despite my relentless attempts at uncovering her methods, she refuses to reveal the secrets behind these last-minute Halloween creations. This past October she won the best costume award in her surgical center for the third year in a row as Cher. Last year, Lucille Ball. The year before, Marilyn Monroe. The year Joan truly outdid ever herself was with the Lily Munster transformation somewhere around ’88.

The Halloween notation there was a bit off topic. We were talking Pat Benatar and the triggering of memories, right?More so than just visual recollections, this song played this morning over my car radio. Somehow through the wiley ways of some mysterious time and scent vortex, I was immediately overwhelmed with the atmosphere of the mid 80s. I could smell the wood flood of my childhood home, the chilly scents of Crystal River and Silver Springs, the simple smell of our backyard. I swear this is true, as far as my senses can tell.

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