Silver Bells

Dean Martin sings a beautiful version of “Silver Bells” with images of Rockefeller center and Bryant Park in New York City… Apparently, youtube is becoming more strict than ever before with video embedding, so please do watch it on their site through the link that pops up on the video. It’s worth the extra click, I swear.

This little ditty reminds me how much I miss New York and living up north all together…

A surprisingly chilly Holiday Season belongs to our beach side home though, as record breaking lows are keeping up cozied up to space heaters and the cats curling up together for warmth. This weekend it’s stocking decorating for The whole family!!!

Glitter Pens and Ornament Style frosted Cupcakes will be invading this home with Alex-Inspired Christmas Cheer !

Merry Christmas To All and To All A Good Night!

To make your own super cool ornament cupcakes:

See these easy to follow directions for festive frosted delight!

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