Dreams of Not Yet Wonderful Things

Dreams of Not Yet Wonderful Things

These eyes have seen such splendid sights

Have felt in these hands those glorious delights

Of white daffodils growing six feet high

Reaching for their northern lights


Endless warm days of brightened blue skies

That shimmered the gold in mothers’ green eyes

A gift of new life that would double the shine

Of the moon as I knew while she’s wink at the night


These lips have screamed at the skies in contempt

Begging for safe places to lay a child’s weary head

I have wished for certain nights to never find end

To watch the oceans part for the world to descend


These feet have been content

I must say

To swerve and to sway

To be walking briskly away


From rock to rock

Through orchard to plain

Leaving only footprints

And taking the very same


This heart hears a voice

Though it can’t yet comprehend

For this is how it has always been


I know nothing of you,

Not your laugh or your scent

Those hypnotizing eyes of yours

I most certainly have not seen yet


I only know of you in blurred pixilated pieces

Eventual exchanges and theological theses

Embedded in the red ink of passionate letters

In the center of moons and planets and forevers


The memories of your unspoken verbs

In fascinating tales I have not yet heard


Perhaps you are an ocean

That runs far and wide


The shivers and chills

Of a cold New York night


A grand canvas hung

In a palace of Spain


The sweet smell of cut grass

Just after it rains


Everything that exists

Which could never be explained


These bones do promise

As they never have before

Of this one thing unknown

They are most certainly quite sure


Should you find me today

Beneath this bright summer sky

Or if it may be a world away

On a dimly lit cold winter night


If it should take forever

Then forever it shall take

This heart will faithfully wait for you

As only for you was it made

Alexandra E. Gulkin

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  1. How promising are the delights of discovery.

    Thanks for following one of my blogs and I am glad you enjoyed – for the record.


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