A White Blank Page And A Swelling Rage, Rage…

Four young lads from west London who have one mission:

“make music that matters, without taking ourselves too seriously”

Composed with mixtures of manically melodic violins, vigorous banjos, heavenly harmonies and commandingly delivered lyrics, Mumford & Sons prove that the power of live performance in music can be removed from the endangered genre list. There exists a genuine dedication to preserving the timeless elements of live music thriving in these four (from) London lads.

After playing together and individually with a variety of bands in the area of West London, these four friends booked their first recorded rehearsal session together in the Fall of 2007. The final product of this rented bookshop space turned out to be the two songs that would cement the success of Marcus Mumford, Country Winston, Ben Lovett and Ted Dwayne in their mission to make meaningful music.

The initial aspirations of this incredible band was simply “to take music that could be pretty and delicate, and fill it with enthusiasm, courage and confidence.”

Loud, Proud and Live, here is one of the tunes recorded on that infamous autumn day in London.

Please enjoy this Mumford & Sons masterpiece, “White Blank Page”

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