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I have missed you so, My Operating System Hero, My Microsoft Windows!

Microsoft Windows. My Operating System Hero. I have missed you so, and rejoice in your safe return.
Microsoft Windows 1.0 Six-Page Advertising Ins...
Image by myoldpostcards via Flickr

My Operating System Hero!

Now that you are home to me, never again will I let you go.

I’ve missed you so, My Microsoft Windows!

For those of you who were in the know about the ultimate conversion project that has been underway, The Gulkin Gazette Conversion and Windows System Addition…

(explained here, in a determined renovation explanation entry

to the new and improved Dusk Till’ Dawn Diary)


I must happily report that not only has my computer has been saved once more, but the Ultimate Conversion and Renovation Event…

Final Result:

A complete and utter SUCCESS ! ! !

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