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Trepidation in every step
Whether I am going
Or whether I have left
To escape this tortured fate
I will run further than I’ve breath

Now that I fear to lose you
Soon you will find that I have gone
Hesitation will be moving these feet
Walking me home to this nameless street

The dark alley left empty
Always waiting for me

I have seen the right love
In all the wrong faces
I’ve been waking up lost
In the furthest of places

Now that I have seen it
Or now that I have proof
The same uncertain apprehension
Awakens that sleeping desperation
In the fear of all that I may lose

Bringing me back to this barren room
Where the silence screams an infinite truth

Trepidation moves my every step
Determined indecision between right and left
Preparing for the bottom to fall from my feet
Throwing me down
On that familiar dark street

The dark alley left empty
Always calling for me

Now that I have been given
Or now that I have been theft
This eternal hesitation
Will be my one and only true regret


Published Oct 15, 2010

Associated Content Contributor:

Alexandra E. Gulkin

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