Felice and Voodoo

My Favorite Artist Discovery Thus Far on Deviantart.com,

* * * MARIYUMI * * *

Her work is captivating, creative and each piece evokes a distinctly different emotion. Mariyumi is quickly becoming my favorite artist.  I am so grateful for deviantart.com for allowing such wonderful works to be shared.

The intriguing and mysterious image to the left is titled, “Felice and Voodoo.” How I wish sometimes that I were an artist with this brand of intense skill, the ability to capture such emotion in the eyes of a black and white image.

Miss Felice and Voodoo are holding strong as a second to my most adored piece by this talented *designer.. unleashed…*

“Silent Fear.” (below)

Like myself, this creative gal is Russian. (fun fact)

Miss Mariyumi has just been featured in the published book, “Designers Unleashed” among many other unique animations and digital art.  More information on this artist:


“Designers Unleashed

“Anim-Mates “Designers Unleashed” is the first book of the Anim-Mates “Making of” series. We are giving readers a unique peek at the entire process and art of bringing an Anim-Mate Character to life. “Designers Unleashed” focuses on the foundation from which characters are built, character design. It showcases an eclectic mix of stunning art from the talented designers that have helped design the Anim-Mate worlds as well as early stages of the 3D process. Featuring artwork from Sanford Greene, Emily Warren, Antonio Santamaria, Sean Galloway, Viet-My Bui, Kerem Beyit, Gavin Moran, Extvia, Mariyumi Yamaneko and cover by Sean Galloway. The book is full of eye candy for everyone.”

For more information on ordering and the Anim-Mates “Making of” series, visit:


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