“Thank Heaven For Mia Farrow”

This woman is just absolutely amazing, in every way.  I always loved Rosemarys Baby, as I’m sure I would be hard pressed to find many that don’t.  It’s a wonderful portrayal of a terrified Mother, and she’s captivating.  When I began looking more into her, I really had hoped just to find the titles of some other older movies to spot her in.  I was certainly not expecting to uncover a true wonder woman. Not only is she strikingly beautiful, but selfless beyond belief, humble and seems that she is a force of nature that cannot be stopped.

Thank Heaven For Mia Farrow… A woman of exquisite beauty, insightfully delightful intelligence, and the strength to stand up for herself in 1967 when Frank Sinatra forbid her from accepting the role of Rosemary in a film that would just be the kickstart to a boundless and successful career of Acting, Humanitarian Activism and Motherhood.

And, really, no one will look as so very cute as she did with her classic pixie cut!

MiaFarrow.org – Humanitarian Information

I’ve been enjoying this site and it’s many links so much that I had to share it! 🙂

There is so much great information and links on this site, very insightful entries about the work being done in Kenya in efforts to aid in hunger, the conditions of Danfur, Detailed UNICEF objectives, as well as an honorable mention for Activist and Journalist, Adam Bush.  Bush was one of three camp leaders who were murdered in Danfur, where Miss Farrow has a strong and personal vested interest in.

Sudan had banned Journalists from the region, refusing them permits, a dangerous situation which was heightened when the UN made an unfathomable agreement for Censorship in relation to Sudan.  In addition to being active in stopping any news reports of the area, the removal of any “outspoken” voices in the media was also a top priority for the GoS Special Forces (“death squads“).  Activists, Radio Hosts, and Journalists alike have been murdered in their efforts to aid the IDPs and Refugees of this highly dangerous region of Sudan.  Following a compliance agreement made between the UN and Sudanese Government that any Press Release Documents mentioning this region must be approved prior to publishing by Sudan, outspoken voices were immediately targeted for removal to aid in the Censorship of Sudan Policy and Acts.  While they are not allowing Journalists a permit of any kind to enter the area, many extreme additional measures have been taken to silence the voice of death in Sudan. Adam Bush was a popular and well liked voice on Radio Dabanga, as well as an elected spokesperson for IDPs of the area.

Bush had become close with Mia Farrow for quite some time, as she bravely risked herself for the greater good of this tormented region.  Farrow has been aggressive in her attempts to retrieve inside information of what has been happening in Darfur for quite some time, on a daily basis.  Her inspiring determination to find a way to inform, without question or doubt, the severity of the environment and conditions for these people in need, is so much more than admirable.  She is strong willed in her hope that this information will inject action into the UN and these animalistic policies of Sudan. Adam Bush, as well as a few other Camp Leaders who had grown close with Miss Farrow and had called her just six weeks prior to thank her eminently for her contributions and courage to stop the Genocide in Danfur.  On the day of Adams death, Miss Farrow received a missed call from his camp, and now believes it to have been a warning on the impending ambush.  Mia pays a great honor to his memory, and has a gifted way of showing absolute humility and respect in her writings on MiaFarrow.org.Thanks for the inspiration Miss Mia Farrow!

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