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For those of you fantastic folks who have wondered what was going on with the addition of The Gulkin Gazette “Beta Blog” Pages, allow me to offer an explanation.  I have been working on a Macbook since I began my venture into web design, which I’ll be realistic about at this point, and say “use of templates and manipulation in order to design” 🙂  Yes, iWeb was a wonderful help to me.  Ironically, because the templates were so irritating and learning how to basically break them down and rebuild the page with my own images ended up schooling me on the basics of code, which I’m still harnessing.

Unfortunately, iweb is iweb.  As all Mac Programs seem to express, however indirectly, like one of the women featured on Snapped (great show), either they will have you or no one will have you.  Those possessive apples don’t allow you access to your own html code, or any way to convert your work into an rss feed .xml or anything of the sort.  I guess I should be understanding about not having access to the root of my creations, considering that in the end, it is still created on their template, however bare I made it.  Really though, they’re just elitist jerks 🙂  Sorry, I hate you Macintosh.  If I ever start heavily drinking, you will be the reason.

There’s a few programs to extract, etc.. Being a novice at conversion of code, as well as already a little worn out on trying my heart out to override the constricting settings of this Macbook, I wasn’t keen on spending what appeared to be a few weeks of time and research to transfer the pages over.  However, I will not stand for them to be lost for all eternity either.  The Dusk Till Dawn Diary, Blissful Bluebird Blog, and Poetry Press were all divisions created on The Gulkin Gazette (Beta v1.0), which was a complete rebuild of the original iweb constructed Alpha Gazette.

It may not seem to be anything impressive, but these images were the best option for me to get my previous entries over here from the site published through iweb.  The functionality of the videos and animations, of course, will not be there, and I do apologize for the lack of proper display.  These original entries hold a dear and special place in my heart, and I cannot move on virtually without them with me.  The new entries will be much more impressive, but let’s all admit… In all things vintage, a certain awe is awakened in the soul.  Or maybe that’s just me…

So, there it is, my sweet little summary as to why the sub-par pages are appearing, and why they will remain there.

The great news is that once I’ve gotten my Bluebird Blog integrated, there will actually be new, functional and hopefully engaging and original entries for these three original divisions 🙂


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