Quite the Conundrum!

Oh, (Go)Daddy!

A Catch 22 Has Presented Itself, An Algorithm Of Sorts, That Lies Within This Phrase:

“Godaddy Offers WordPress Hosting.”


Apparently, there are a variety of common issues, such as having to recreate your Host Settings, Mail Exchange, Name Servers and create a Cron Command in order to even enter your own Domain.  They’re successful at their sneaky little scam approach of providing of services, though.

It’s all actually quite impressive, and if it hadn’t been at two days of my expense in time invested to find the root of the problem, I’d find the whole debacle quite humorous.  It’s getting there….”actually quite impressive, and if it hadn’t been at two days of my expense in time invested to find the root of the problem, I’d find the whole debacle quite humorous.  I’m getting there…

The GoDaddy.com Hosting Awesomely Awful Algorithm:

Individual “X” purchases a domain through GoDaddy.  In regard to hosting this domain, “X” has been consistently and successfully utilizing the GoDaddy Shared Linux System Hosting Service to upload and publish to their domain. However far below mediocrity as they may proudly hover in technical support and quality, GoDaddy.com, Inc. is now, by all logical definition, responsible for:

“How is it that GoDaddy can renew hosting service, charge a fee, and not 22 hours later claim that they are in no way responsible for maintaining the relationship between the data in my computer, a secure network and internet connection?   If you guys are in no way a Host, what service exactly am I paying you for?”-Individual “X”          Can You Simplify The Question, M’am?”-GoDaddy Rep

The Fun Part:

For the same price, and for the same exact hosting option, GoDaddy advertises the WordPress Application in your Hosting Management.  Seemingly, they’re throwing you a bone for having to delete the three daily email advertisements of purchasing more domains from them (even after taking yourself off the mailing list AND reporting the emails as SPAM) and simply giving you a direct link to (a quote from their site): “A GoDaddy Supported Application: WordPress”

If I am mistaken, please do correct me.  In this instance, the average person assume that their domain should function once the Application has been installed?  Well, of course.  Yet, there’s always troubleshooting, etc. and all options should be explored and attempts at successful connection and communication of your Domain IP Address, the GoDaddy Network, and the WordPress Application.  Conclusively, this is the ultimate knee slapper:     Conclusively, If you experience any of the plethora of issues associated with GoDaddy’s Hosting in WordPress, as in being disabled permanently as an administrator, or having your account hacked (as documented here), there is absolutely nothing that they will do to assist you.  As a matter of fact, they even refuse to discuss these issues with customers who have uploaded the WordPress Application advertised so brilliantly in their Hosting Options.  The Reason:  “We cannot provide technical help for a Third Party Provider.”  THE END.

Conclusively, yes, GoDaddy is paid to provide Hosting. However, should their network or security settings fail, both of which are outside the customers control, they accept no responsibility.  While, theoretically, one would expect for them to at least pretend that an attempt will be made to resolve the problem at hand, that possibility will not even be entertained by the GoDaddy team.

I have to add this, while I know it’s not kind, and this lady has done nothing to harm me in any way, but…I am so sick of seeing Jillian Michaels‘ “I look way so much like a horse that it’s perplexing” face plastered everywhere on the GoDaddy site.  This is the broad that screams at people on losing weight show, with the wildly inappropriate and degrading remarks and insults. Meanwhile, the chick had her stomach stapled something like seven years ago and only then did she developed her whole fitness guru persona.  So, check yourself Miss Michaels…

It seems as though GoDaddy.com, Inc. has actually managed to launder fraudulant services, like an internet wanna-be mofia!  They’ve conned their way through channels to ultimately ensure that GoDaddy, as the “provider,” has no responsibility to the customer whatsoever.  Furthermore, they leave the customer with no obtainable option for technical support.  Most importantly, all while still earning themselves a nice little profit.

Odd, in the mirror like similarities between GoDaddy’s approach to Service and Quality and MAC !  I’m not sure who wins as the better scam… The Macbook that is a failure in product design, 100% was much more expensive of a mistake.  However, thousands of people lost eternities of time and creativity into WordPress Sites on GoDaddy that were completely deleted without any feesable option for recovery.  For now, I call tie.

This was an extreme learning experience, a crash course even, in the core elements of internet publishing.  Upon a skimmed review, this appears quite similar to a simple rant…and yes, it partially is.  I just view the practices of this Company as absolutely unethical and completely fraudulent.  I obviously do acknowledge, for all of you GoDaddy advocates out there, that YES, of course WordPress as an Application is an entirely separate entity than the GoDaddy responsibility to provide the communication between your content, their network and an eventual corresponding internet connection where your content will be published on your purchased domain.  However, there is no possible way that it can be defended that they do not connect you to WordPress for Hosting Management Options, and by accepting their hosting option to use WordPress as your php platform, they successfully remove themselves from any Hosting Management as well.  This leaves the customer with no viable option for assistance.  Nowhere is there any fine print or disclaimers that they relinquish any responsibility.  Quite the opposite, they advertise and sell this option as though nothing will change about technical support or connection issues that are outside the customers control.  The End.

http://GoDaddyCatch22Scam.com 🙂

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