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Unified Mind – Weatherman. Gracious offerings of reggae pop punk with hints of authentic late nineties emo serve as a fitting canvas for Unified Mind’s honorably intended, yet relatably irreverent lyrics of love, life and sacrifice. Tyler Giddens – Founder/producer/instrumentalist/vocals Mario DeMoura – Founder/Lyricist /Vocals Giz Forte – Bass Travis Schmeider – Drums Check out the Unified Mind live stream this Saturday, 8pm EST Continue reading Weatherman.

On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous

Originally posted on Ebony and Crows:
A shattered heart plays the most haunting melody. Spilling forth like jagged notes, the breathless sobs of a lover scorned are flung into the inky night. Caught within the flow of time, who will mourn our symphony? Brightly lit but ever brief, we rush headlong into oblivion. Leaving only traces of our passions for no one but the stars… Continue reading On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous